Families having to flee their homes after flash floods hit Kasese, Uganda © 2020 World Vision

Urgent appeal

When disaster strikes, children suffer most. But you can change that today.

Every year, millions of children are forced to flee their homes by conflict or natural disaster.

Children like five-year-old Omar. When Hurricane Eta hit Honduras, he was scared and confused. Any sense of security swept away with his home and all his belongings.

Food, homes, livelihoods – all ripped away without warning. That’s what millions of families face when disaster turns their world upside down.

In the aftermath of a disaster, children can lose everything. You can be there when they urgently need help.


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Your gift could help families survive and rebuild their lives when disaster strikes.

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Your gift today could help children when their lives are ripped apart. Your gift today could:

Your gift today could change children’s lives for good. 


“I miss my cars and my cartoons. I prayed, ‘God give me the strength to go home’, but everything’s gone. We can’t go home.”


5, from Honduras

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For more than 70 years, thanks to people like you, we’ve been reaching millions of people affected by disasters. Helping them survive, recover and become more resilient. Tackling the root causes of poverty so families can build brighter futures.

This work is more important now than ever.

The number of natural disasters has nearly doubled in the last 20 years. Putting more children at risk of illness, abuse and exploitation.

Your gift today could keep children safe and help them heal when disaster strikes.

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