Elderly woman is being evacuated to a Cyclone Centre

Urgent appeal

Help displaced children survive, recover and build brighter futures.

Children can lose everything when disaster strikes.

Children’s lives can change in an instant when they’re forced from home by conflict, persecution or natural disasters.

Imagine raising your children in a war zone. Or in a place where unpredictable weather can kill. You’d do anything to keep your family safe from harm. But for many families in the world’s most dangerous places that’s not always possible.

Leaving everything behind, children like 13-year-old Yar – whose home in South Sudan was destroyed by floods – must flee to safety. Hungry, thirsty and exposed to the elements, displaced children urgently need your help to survive.

Please help children like Yar survive disaster and build a brighter future by giving what you can today.


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Your gift could help families survive and rebuild their lives when disaster strikes.

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Children like Yar urgently need your help. Your gift today could:

Your gift today could change children’s lives for good.

“We had no desks or chairs in our classrooms. We had to sit on tins we’d bring from home.”


age 10, from South Sudan

Help children survive and build brighter futures


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For more than 70 years, thanks to people like you, we’ve been reaching millions of people affected by disasters. Helping them survive, recover and become more resilient. Tackling the root causes of poverty so families can build brighter futures.

This work is more important now than ever.

The number of natural disasters has nearly doubled in the last 20 years. And people in the world’s hardest places are 15 times more vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.

Your gift today could keep children safe and help them protect themselves against future disasters.

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