A child refugee peeks out from the side of their tent in Bangladesh

Christmas appeal

Please give hope to a refugee child this Christmas

Millions of refugee children across our hurting world don’t have that sense of safety and belonging that comes from having a home this Christmas.

This Christmas, we desperately need to help children and families around the world who have been forced to flee their homes due to terrifying violence, poverty or disaster.

Children like eight-year-old Moktara (pictured below) who fled her home three years ago when violence erupted in her village in Myanmar.

Moktara and her mum, dad and grandma fled to safety and now live in a makeshift shelter in the world’s largest and most overcrowded refugee camp – Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. 

Life was already difficult in the camp, and then the coronavirus hit.

Your gift could save lives. Thank you for giving what you can.

How your money can help

Children like Moktara have escaped conflict, but still face very great danger and distress. They urgently need your help. Your gift today could:

Your support can change the lives of vulnerable children for good. 

Moktara, 8
I loved going to school, but we can’t go to school now because of coronavirus. I almost forget what I learnt before at school and I feel bad

Moktara, 8

Refugee child in Bangladesh

Change the lives of refugees

Can you help?

Our heart is always for the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities where they live. Your donation today will help some of the poorest and most oppressed children and families across the world, wherever your help is most needed.

Could you donate today to support children like Moktara? 

You can help re-write the futures of children like her.

Thank you for giving what you can.

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