A mother holding her tiny baby in Somalia

Christmas appeal

Children are hungrier than ever. Please give them hope today.

Millions of children are going hungry this Christmas. Please help.

Covid has driven food prices to their highest in a decade. Droughts have devastated crops. Floods have destroyed homes. War in Ukraine has choked the global supply of essential grains. Violence, conflict and natural disasters have displaced more people than ever before.

Crisis upon crisis is pushing more people than ever before towards starvation. This Christmas, 45 million people – around half of them children – face an unprecedented hunger crisis.

A life of plenty for every child is possible, yet every day more children go hungry. ENOUGH of the right food and nutrition is still not reaching the children who need it. This is just not good ENOUGH. 

Hungry children urgently need your help to survive. Your donation today could save their lives.




Please donate today

Your donation today could help hungry children survive.


How you can help

You could help save children's lives. Your donation today could:

Your donation today could bring hope to hungry children this Christmas.

Save children's lives today

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For more than 70 years, thanks to people like you, we’ve been reaching millions of vulnerable children across the world. Helping them survive, recover and become more resilient.

This work is more important now than ever.

Over the last few years, the world has lurched from crisis to crisis, with its poorest people always hardest hit.

But you can help save hungry children from the threat of starvation. And support their families to help them thrive.

Every pound you give helps communities build their resilience to crises now and in the future, fighting hunger and reducing poverty.

You can help give hungry children hope this Christmas.

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