Nour, a 10-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

Christmas appeal

Refugee children are scared and stuck in limbo. They urgently need your help.

Help frightened refugee children recover and rebuild their lives

Worldwide, 82.4 million people have had to leave their homes because it was too dangerous to stay. Half of those displaced are children. Many are refugees who’ve fled violent conflict with little or no hope of returning to their homeland. A whole generation of refugee children have known nothing but war and its consequences.

Stuck in limbo – unable to go home or move on. Packed together in temporary shelters, often separated from family and friends, refugee children have no roadmap towards better days.

Your gift today could protect refugee children and help give them hope. Thank you for giving what you can.

How your money can help

Families like Nour’s urgently need your help. Your donation today could:

Your gift today could keep refugee children safe – and help them fulfil their God-given potential.

I am learning the alphabet and numbers. I want to learn to become strong. My dream is to become a maths teacher.


10, Syrian refugee living in Lebanon

Protect refugee children

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More important now than ever

COVID-19 adds another layer of urgency now. Restrictions, rising cases and a slower vaccine rollout have made it even harder for refugee children to stay safe or go to school. Cases of abuse, assault and child marriage in refugee camps are rising too.

Your gift this Christmas could help refugee children stay safe and rebuild their lives. It will help respond to the needs of the most vulnerable children around the world – wherever the need is greatest.

Could you donate today to protect refugee children and help them work towards a better future?


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