Happy children accessing water from a World Vision-drilled borehole in Ghana

World Water Week

Learn more about this week and our work to bring clean water to communities.

Currently, 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water. The lack of proper sanitation and water resources can have severe impacts on children, affecting their health, education, safety and wellbeing.

As a clean water charity, World Vision supports this important week which raises awareness of the importance of water and water-related solutions. Learn more about how we're helping children access water and how you can get involved.

When is World Water Week?

World Water Week will take place on 25-29 August 2024.

World Water Week is held on the last week of August every year, sometimes also covering early September.

What is World Water Week?

World Water Week is an annual conference that’s leading conversations on global water issues.

Held every year since 1991, World Water Week brings together decision-makers, leaders, researchers and organisations from around the globe and from a range of backgrounds to tackle water-related challenges.

The week is organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and is held in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The event is recognised at the leading conference on transforming global water challenges, inspiring conversations and advancing knowledge.


Afghan boy smiling next to a tap dispensing clean water

The purpose of World Water Week

From tackling the effects of climate change to ending hunger, the sessions at World Water Week aim to raise awareness about the importance of water and also provides an opportunity for meaningful discussions where great minds work together. The conference takes place both in Stockholm and online, and thousands of representatives from hundreds of countries attend to collaboratively explore how water can help address the world’s most significant challenges.

What is this year’s World Water Week theme?

In 2024, the theme for World Water Week is Bridging Borders: Water for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future.

The 2024 water conference will focus on the interconnectivity of nations and communities, and the ways they can collaborate to create a more peaceful and secure future. It's a meeting place for people to explore the latest scientific knowledge and introduce innovation and incentives to steer the global trajectory to a more sustainable and collaborative future.

Girl from Rwanda collecting water next to President and CEO of World Vision US
Merci, 13, is delighted to collect water near to her home alongside President and CEO of World Vision US, Edgar Sandoval Sr.

How World Vision is helping

For over 70 years, we have been working with communities to ensure better access to water and sanitation. From providing hygiene kits to installing boreholes and handpumps, we’re helping children access safe water near their homes.

In 2022, World Vision helped three million people gain access to clean water and provided 591,000 children with safe drinking water at school.

Children like Merci, 13

Merci’s life dramatically changed when water became available close to her home. In the past, Merci, 12, faced a dangerous journey to their closest water source 90 minutes away. Thanks to World Vision supporters, clean water is only a couple of minutes away from her family’s home.

Now, they’re celebrating a million people who have gained access to clean water where World Vision works in Rwanda.

Group of people running to take part in World Vision's Global 6K for Water
Join team World Vision as we take on our Global 6K for water

Global 6K Walk for Water

Every year, to coincide with World Water Week, World Vision invites people to join us for the Global 6K Walk for Water. Run, jog, walk, skate or scooter 6 kilometres in support of our water charity work, and help children and families in vulnerable conditions gain access to clean, safe water. If you are looking for World Water Week activities where you can effect change, then taking part in the Global 6K Walk for Water is the perfect solution. This can be done as a solo effort, or why not gather your friends, family, work colleagues or school friends to take the challenge to another level?

DID YOU KNOW? On average, children, and often girls, have to walk 6 kilometres a day to fetch water for their community.

Every ten seconds, we are able to provide one more person with clean water, thanks to our supporters. From partnering with communities through child sponsorship to working where the need is greatest thanks to donations, it's thanks to your support that we're able to help vulnerable children around the world. If you’re looking to fundraise for charity, the Global 6K Walk for Water is a great way to challenge yourself and support our work as a children’s charity.

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