Young boy in Zambia smiles surrounded by colourful fairy lights

Sponsor a child this Christmas

Imagine the difference you could make to a child’s life this Christmas

Be the one to change their life - for good

This Christmas, you can transform a child's life

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Imagine if you made it count by changing the life of a child - for good.

Give a child a Christmas of Firsts

This year you can give a Christmas of Firsts to a child in need with Child Sponsorship.

This Christmas could be the first time a child tastes clean water, the first night they fall asleep feeling full, and maybe the first time they truly feel safe.

For just £26 a month, you could make this Christmas the first time you bring hope to a child in need.

From just 85p per day, you can provide...

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child sponsored, 4 more children benefit, too. 

Your Child Sponsorship experience

How does Child Sponsorship work?

When you sponsor a child, you change the life of them and everyone in the community, for good. Your £26 a month will help give the community the essentials they need to thrive and become self-sufficient.

Sponsorship means helping communities to help themselves.

From access to education, clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, and so much more - both you and your sponsored child can share wonderful first experiences.

Shemi's sponsorship story

For Shemi and her children, sponsoring Vincent has brought so much joy. Her sponsorship began when she had her first son Adam and she realised other children wouldn't have all the wonderful experiences he would.

I would say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring a child, go ahead and do it. It's the most life changing thing ever, it's absolutely brilliant


Child Sponsor

What your sponsorship could do

Imagine if the first thing you had to do when you woke up every day was walk miles to collect water for your family. Now imagine your first taste of clean water from a tap next to your home.

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