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International Literacy Day

Learn more about this day and how we encourage children to read and write.

Currently, 1 in 3 children globally don’t even receive a quality primary education. Missing out on school puts children at a higher risk of abuse, child marriage, and lower earning potential.

As a children’s charity, World Vision celebrates International Literacy Day and its aim to raise awareness of the importance of the global literacy initiative. Discover how we’re helping children develop their reading and writing skills and learn how you can get involved.

What is International Literacy Day? 

Since 1967, the United Nations has celebrated International Literacy Day as an opportunity to advance children’s literacy skills and the literacy rate globally. Recent crises such as climate change, Covid and conflicts have impacted literacy progress, deepening inequalities around the world. This year’s World Literacy Day is a chance to provide more inclusive education for all. 

When is International Literacy Day? 

International Literacy Day 2024 is on Sunday 8 September. 

In 2024, the International Literacy Day theme is, ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies’.

Boy from Guatemala smiling at a desk with his school books
Thanks to World Vision's provision of chickens for income generation, Alvaro's family to afford essential school supplies.

Thanks for your support

World Vision is proud to commemorate the World Literacy Day every year – to highlight the importance of literacy and raise awareness for education as a human right.

No child should be denied an education or the opportunity to learn to read or write. We recognise that every child deserves an education, which is why we work with families and communities to ensure children are empowered to reach their potential. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team of staff, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters.

Together, we can transform lives

If you want to take part in the celebration of International Literacy Day, there are a range of ways you can support our children’s charity. We partner with communities across nearly 100 countries to make sure children can stay in school. Even in the midst of crises like the Ukraine war and climate-related disasters, we are ensuring children continue to receive a good education.

Learn more about how you can support the work we are doing around the world to help the most vulnerable children access education.

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