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Group of children running together

Travelling together

How to include disabled people on the main road of development

Take a day to make a change. That’s all we ask.

Disabled children and adults are left behind when projects and programmes start their journeys. And that’s despite the fact 80 per cent of them in developing countries live below the poverty line. With the UN estimating around 650 million disabled children and adults worldwide, why do they continue to be excluded?

By using this book, you can start a process of transformation within your work – to bring about positive change for disabled people in the communities you work with.

Travelling together guides international development workers through a simple process of radical change with:

  • A unique one-day training course, tried and tested across cultural contexts with a track record of kick-starting change;
  • The story of how one of the world’s biggest NGOs World Vision is including disabled people in its work;
  • A blend of the best resources and information available on disability inclusion.

Resources, MDGs and practical papers

A wide range of expert-selected resource materials and sources of further information on disability inclusion. Topics are presented in two sections – the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and disability inclusion, and a range of guidelines and practical papers.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and disability inclusion:

Guidelines and practical issues: