Thousands of children still suffering the impact of the Middle East Crisis, peace is needed.

Press Release, 17 January 2024. It’s been more than a hundred days since the Middle East Crisis began, children and families continue to bear the brunt of the conflict. In violence that has claimed more children's lives than any other conflict in recent times, the dire need for enduring peace and unfettered access to vital aid supplies becomes a lifeline to save innocent lives.  World Vision, one of the world’s leading child-focused international aid organisations, calls on all leaders involved in this crisis to promote peace and the long-term wellbeing of all children in the region.   

“Every child’s life is precious and waiting even one day, let alone a hundred, is too long for them to endure such heart-wrenching suffering. As fears and worries grow about the situation escalating, it’s urgent for the world leaders to talk about how to bring lasting peace, expand access to essential supplies, and solve the growing hunger and poverty in the region,” says David Westwood, Director of Policies and Programmes at World Vision UK. 

The United Nations hunger monitoring system, the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, warns that Gaza faces a level of acute food insecurity worse than anything across the globe in living memory. Across the West Bank, violence, unrest, and access restrictions persist, preventing humanitarians from delivering aid to those who need it most and depriving children and their families of the opportunity to lead a healthy life.   

The continuing violence, school closures and difficulties to access humanitarian aid are making a normal childhood impossible.  

“No child should endure the horrors of conflict or be held hostage. No civilian population should be denied access to humanitarian aid. More children are losing their lives or suffering injuries, with all facing risks to their mental and emotional well-being. The life prospects for an entire generation of children will be profoundly affected by this crisis. The highest priority should be the release of hostages and safeguarding all children by providing them with the essential humanitarian aid needed to survive.  

“We are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and the key lies in placing children at the forefront; they are and should be the priority. They are relying on us to secure a better future through acts of humanity on a historic scale of care and grace,” Westwood adds.  

World Vision International is currently supporting vulnerable children across the Middle East by responding to urgent family needs, creating safe spaces, and providing psychological services. They are also responding in 100 countries across the world, serving those in greatest need.    



For more information, please contact Karla Harvey at or phone +44 7889 631613. 

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.  World Vision and their partners are working in communities to improve families’ economic prospects, strength violence prevention and child protection services, and improve education systems.   

World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.  For more information see the link below or follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @WorldVisionUK

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