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14 November 2020

We condemn deadly Syria strikes

Four children and two aid workers killed

World Vision condemns Syria attacks

Early this morning, a series of heavy artillery attacks resulted in the deaths of four children. Four adults – including two staff from a local World Vision partner humanitarian agency – were also killed in different locations across Idleb. Six people were wounded.

These indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations where children live and where aid workers are trying to support desperate communities living under conflict, are unacceptable. Two staff members – the driver and a psychosocial support facilitator – with World Vision’s local partner, Ihsan Relief Development were killed. World Vision calls on all parties to the conflict to end all attacks and create conditions that ensure safe delivery of life-saving aid.

“We are devastated to learn of yet more children’s lives lost in this conflict, which has gone on for almost ten years. Children now being killed have known nothing but fighting, displacement and the threat of sudden shelling for their whole lives. It’s time to stop the fighting and abide by international calls for a ceasefire," said Johan Mooij, Response Director for World Vision’s Syria Response.

"We also stand with Ihsan Relief and Development, one of our partners in Northern Syria, who have lost dedicated staff. Their staff were delivering lifesaving assistance to civilians already struggling with trauma and loss when they were killed."

Across Idleb more than 3 million people have been displaced by war.

“Many thousands of people living in Idlib are not only experiencing sporadic airstrikes but also attempting to prepare for winter, which is usually harsh. Humanitarian workers are trying to deliver assistance that not only helps civilians prepare but also ensures the provision of protective services for children who are traumatised and distressed. These kinds of attacks undermine everything we are trying to do,” said Alexandra Matei, Advocacy and Communications Director for World Vision’s Syria Response.

“Unhindered access is vital. It is one of the most urgent issues facing the international community, especially since the closure of Bal Al Salam border crossing from Turkey has significantly impacted cross-border aid deliveries," she said.