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Teenage boy sits on his bed with his guitar, in Ecuador
22 FEBRUARY 2022

"Dance is a refuge"

One teen uses dance to heal, connect with his community and preserve tradition

Dance as art, beauty, culture, healing

For Daniel, whose father abandoned his family when he was eight years old, dance has been a refuge, helping him to find his path to a better future and a place to belong.

Daniel's Child Sponsorship story explores how dance and his sponsor helped him become the young leader he is today.

Young people, members of a community dance group in Ecuador, rehearse for an up coming parade.
Daniel, 17, from Ecuador, leads members of the community dance group as they rehearse for an up coming parade.

“Dance is a refuge. It has allowed me to unite the family [after my dad left]; it's a space where members of my family who share the same passion and taste for dance can come together. Through dance, I can connect with other people, and while I dance, I forget all the problems.”

17-year-old Daniel is a leader, both in his family and his community in Ecuador. He says his love of dance, which was fostered through World Vision’s child sponsorship programme in his community, is a healing channel that has helped him transition from the timid boy his father left behind to a young man of strength and purpose today.  


Young people practice a traditional dance together in Ecuador
Daniel leads the group in a traditional dance

“My dance group means love and respect for the culture and tradition of my people. Dance rescues the customs of the ancestors and involves more adolescents and young people to get to know and transmit our culture,” he says.

When they dance, Daniel says he and his dance group connect to their community and the layers of Andean culture handed down to them over generations. Dancing connects them to a rich sense of identity that transcends the realities of the poverty many families in his area deal with day-to-day.



Teenage boy helps his mum at her sewing machine
Daniel helps his mum, a seamstress

“I was about eight years old when my father abandoned us.”

Daniel knows firsthand the struggle to find identity and self-worth through the lies of poverty; situations and barriers that tell children facing circumstances beyond their control that they are worthless, insignificant. Daniel’s mother, a seamstress, says she fought each day to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of her three children after her husband left.



A family stand together outside their home in Ecuador
Daniel, (right) and his family, mum Mayra, brother Justin, and Nicol, his sister.

Child sponsorship helped Daniel and his family take back so much that they had lost.

With vegetable garden supplies, they've been able to grow their own food, Mayra has found emotional support through parenting classes, and the whole family have felt love and care from Daniel’s sponsor and the World Vision staff and volunteers who supported them.

A community dance group in Ecuador, pose for a photo together
Daniel (far left, back) and his dance group

And through all this, Daniel rediscovered his love for music and dance.

Now Daniel leads a community dance group, performing in festivals across the region, as well as a local youth group focused on teaching children their rights and how to protect themselves from harm or exploitation that’s common in the area.

This is what World Vision's Child Sponsorship can do.

Our programmes care for the whole child. When a child can access education, food, water and healthcare, they survive.

When a family is able to provide for children's needs, and a community empowers and protects them, they thrive.

And when a child has skills, confidence and hope, they can build a brighter future.


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