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Child giving a teacher a gift

5 Christmas charity gifts for teachers

Find the perfect gift to say thank you to a teacher during the festive season.

With the end of term and Christmas around the corner, it’s time to think about what sort of gift will show your appreciation and gratefulness to the teachers that have helped your children learn.

Popular items usually include things like flowers, chocolates or a simple thank you card, but why not say thank you to the teachers as well as helping a cause like World Vision? Our range of Christmas charity gifts are great for gifts of all types, including thank you gifts.

Keep reading to discover what makes these charity gifts the best presents for teachers, and how you will be helping children around the world.

Great charity gifts for teachers:

Books for an after-school reading club

At a price of just £16, you could help children in the world’s most vulnerable areas learn to read. Although reading is a crucial part of the education system in the United Kingdom, some children around the world don’t have the joy of learning to read due to limited resources.

For only £16, you can supply ten books to an after-school reading club, so children can experience the joy of learning and increase their chances of further learning as they get older. The books you will pay for will be written in the local language and reflect familiar customs and traditions.

Buy the gift of books for an after-school reading club today.

A mini library

In a similar vein, you could enrich a child’s education by buying the gift of a mini library. This is the perfect gift for a teacher as they will really resonate with the importance of reading for children.

For £27, you can fill children’s imaginations with books and textbooks that are hard to find and even harder for them to afford. Enrich a child’s education, helping them to develop, gain understanding, spark their interest and ensure they are empowered to reach their full potential.

Give the gift of a mini library today.

Brother and sister in Bangladesh smiling at each other and holding a book each
Absar, eight, and Moriam, six, are delighted that they can learn and access school books

Toys for a children’s centre

Some children across the globe don’t even have a home to live in through extreme poverty or natural disasters, let alone toys to play with. The gift of toys for a children’s centre will reach those who have been through unimaginable disasters, helping them explore their feelings and engage with others through the medium of play.

Just £15 can buy a toy bundle complete with dolls, building blocks and puzzles and can allow children to recover and overcome disasters by improving their well-being.

Gift toys for a children’s centre today.

Mental health support

For children or carers of children who have gone through trauma, mental health support is essential to help them recover and live a life as normally as possible. Teachers can often be pillars of support and inspiration for children going through hardships, and this gift allows others in vulnerable communities to be trained to also lend an ear.

Talking is one of the best ways to overcome trauma and for £82, you could pay for four community or faith leaders to be trained on how to help children who were made vulnerable by the pandemic or natural disasters. Leaders can be trained to help those children who have lost their homes, siblings or parents and have no one left to turn to. As a charity gift for a teacher, we think this is a really thoughtful option.

Gift mental health support for children and carers today.

Mother and daughter from Ukraine doing artwork at a table
Margarita, five, finds peace when attending World Vision's art therapy classes in Ukraine

An education bundle

If you want to give the gift of education but can’t choose which of the above gifts will suit best, then why not choose the education bundle that combines both the books for an after-school reading club and mini library in one rounded gift?

For £43 you can give education to girls and boys as an alternative gift. Help vulnerable children learn, grow and build brighter futures for themselves and their families. This charity gift bundle includes 10 books for an after-school club and a mini library for a school.

Gift an education bundle today.

How our work helps offer children the education they deserve

We believe every child deserves a good education and that’s why our work aims to support children's learning, even in the hardest places. We address barriers to learning and work with communities to improve the education their children receive. 

Currently, 1 in 3 children don't receive a quality primary education, and the consequences are far-reaching. But thanks to our generous supporters, World Vision is working to help children learn, grow and thrive.

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