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Orange heart on black background with words with words Pray for the safety of children
11 October 2023

A prayer for Israel, Gaza and the West Bank

Pray with us for children facing conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories

Please join us in our prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We bring this situation before you Lord and ask for a swift end to violence. Our hearts are breaking for the children and families in Israel and the Occupied Territories who have and continue to experience the unspeakable horror of attacks and war all around them. We pray for peace and ask that you will guide the hearts and minds of those in leadership.

We especially pray for those children who have been physically and emotionally injured, and for those who have lost loved ones, that you will provide the right people with the right resources to help them, and that you will protect each person.

Lord, we ask for your wisdom for all those involved and for the wider international community.



Help us act fast to protect the lives of those that have been devastated 

World Vision is already working in the West Bank and is seeking to help all vulnerable children, families and communities impacted by the crisis. Donations will go to areas of greatest need that we and our partners can access and/or monitor.

Your donation will help us reach children with food, water, and healthcare.

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