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A lost toy can be replaced. A lost childhood can't.

When a child loses a much-loved toy, it can feel like the end of the world. So imagine how it feels for a child to lose their family, their home, their childhood. Right now, in the world’s poorest communities, children are in danger of becoming enslaved – coerced, forced or tricked into becoming a child labourer, a child soldier or a child bride.

When that happens, childhood is lost.

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Global child exploitation

Our long-term presence in thousands of communities means that we are confronted with the shocking reality that more and more children are losing their childhood to work, war and marriage.

Child labourers

Every day, 126 million children wake up and go to work in gruelling and dangerous conditions. In extreme cases, some are made to work under the threat of violence or even death. We’re helping child labourers in over 50 countries including Bangladesh, Albania, and Cambodia with one ambition – ending this exploitation.

Child brides

It’s estimated that 700 million women in the world today were married as girls. Early marriage harms their development and wellbeing, through limited education and employment opportunities, social isolation, domestic violence, and rape. World Vision works with communities to break down those systems and beliefs that force girls into marriage.

Child soldiers

There are tens of thousands of child soldiers around the world. In 2017, the UN documented nearly 10,000 new cases of chid recruitment (UN Secretary-General report).  Child soldiers being used in wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. Children, some as young as eight, are captured and forced into frontline combat. Our work to rehabilitate former child soldiers can be particularly challenging as they have often been traumatised and disowned by their communities.

Working to secure childhood

We work tirelessly in almost 100 countries with communities, supporters and partners, to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

We never lose faith and we never lose hope.  It’s why we never leave a community until childhood is secure.


Childhood is sacred. Help us protect it

Sponsoring a child is a unique relationship that brings real hope. When you sponsor a child for £26 a month, your support extends to your sponsored child’s family and the community. It will provide the resources, and teach their parents the importance of education.

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Other ways to help

Political instability, natural disasters and conflict make life even more fragile and put children at extreme risk. By giving monthly to Raw Hope you’ll help us bring immediate relief to children and families in countries too unstable for child sponsorship. Your support will bring real hope to children and families in crisis.

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