Sponsor a child

Change their life. And their whole community.

Through Child Sponsorship, you'll be paired with a child in need. 

You'll get to know the child through letters, photos and regular updates. You can watch as you transform their life, bringing food, shelter and safety. You can watch as they achieve their dreams.

Where your money goes when you sponsor a child

If you choose to sponsor a child, you can change the lives of children living in the world's toughest places.

Children at risk of child marriage. Without an education. Without parents.

From just 85p per day, you'll give them...

What you get when you sponsor a child

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more children benefit, too.

What child sponsors say

When Shemi had her first son, Adam, it made her want to do something for other children without the same opportunities as him. Her sons watched Rachael grow up letter by letter, rushing to open the envelopes, each time amazed at the transformation.

I would say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring a child - go ahead and do it, it is the most life changing thing ever!


Child Sponsor

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Why World Vision

Success stories

These people, across the world, have had their lives transformed by their sponsor.

Now, alongside World Visions's work, they are helping to transform their communities.

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