Thank you for giving life changing support to so many children through Essentials. Here's the latest update so that you can see what a blessing you have been to children living in some of the world’s poorest communities.

You are helping to provide life’s essentials – clean water, nutritious food, education and healthcare to children in all of the countries where we work, from India to Honduras, from Sierra Leone to Albania.

Take a look at the video below to see how you are bringing the essentials in life to children in Uganda

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Food Security

Four-year-old Phway’s happiest moments are spent playing with friends in her home town in Myanmar.

But waking up sick and weak each day meant that she couldn’t keep up, she became lethargic and struggled to put on weight. While her friends ran and played outside she was missing out on the fun of just being a child.

Little did she, or mum Daw Cho, realise that it was the way she was eating that was making her sick. With little access to proper food Phway snacked whenever she could but the little she was eating just wasn’t enough to support her growth. Eventually she became so underweight she was diagnosed as being malnourished.

I felt sad and wanted to cry when I was sick, because I couldn’t play with my friends.

- Phway, 4

Daw became so worried that she took Phway to one of the nutrition centres we run to see if she could find help, she found hope in a situation that had looked hopeless. Phway received the treatment she needed to begin her recovery.

Over the past 18 months you have enabled us to work alongside not only Phway’s family but her surrounding community, providing urgent care for malnourished children and educational packages for their families.

Daw Cho has been able to attend training at the centre, learning to prepare nutritious meals in a way that she can afford and Phway now has a full meal every day. She told us her favourites are fish, chicken, beans and bananas.

“Before, I was worried for my daughter, now I can prepare better meals, I use chicken, fish and vegetables every day. My daughter is healthy now, she’s gaining weight and she eats a lot too!” Daw told us laughing.

Thank you for saving lives, and restoring joy and happiness to children like Phway and their families.

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Access to Education

You’ve helped Denisa thrive at school. You have helped her get an eye test and glasses so now she can see the blackboard clearly and read at home, which helps her to keep up at school. 

“My name is Denisa. I am 14. I study hard at school. I want to become a judge when I grow up.

“Two years ago I started to have problem with my sight. In school, I could not see what the teacher was writing down on the blackboard. I felt ashamed and did not want my friends to know so I started to lie to them saying, ‘Oh the sun is coming towards me, blurring the letters in the blackboard. Please can you give me your notes?’ I always had to lie and that was killing me. I knew I needed glasses but I also knew I had no chance of buying them.”

I nearly went crazy crying and thinking where would we find the money. The glasses cost too much for us to afford.

- Denisa's mother, Afërdita

Denisa, 14 years old, Albania

At the time, Denisa’s family were living in a tent made of wooden planks, which leaked every time it rained.

Thanks to you, Denisa now has glasses. “I feel reborn. Now I can see what my teacher writes on the black board and read my books. It is more than joy can express.”

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You’ve changed Millicent’s life by bring water to her village.  She no longer needs to walk six kilometres to fetch water each day and it is safe for her to drink.

We used to share the water from the only river with livestock and wild animals. It was muddy brown and sometimes smelly.

- Millicent, 13

Children from Millicent's community, Kenya

The situation was worse during the dry months of January to March. “We had to wake up as early as four o’clock to fetch water while it was still clean. It was very risky because that was the time wild animals were drinking too. The journey took me half an hour there and about forty-five minutes back while carrying twenty litres of water."

Henry Mango, who manages the water project in Nyatike ADP, shared, “Most children missed school because of water. They lost school time going to the river, often becoming late for school. Since lateness attracted punishment from the teachers, like detention or extra homework, most of them opted to be absent rather than face punishment. This in turn lowered performance in school.”

You’ve changed Millicent’s life, bringing hand pumps and water tanks to her village. Now, water is available within less than a kilometre walk. She can get to school on time, no longer fears being attacked by dangerous animals as she collects water, and it is safe for her to drink.

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Thanks to you, Sagar, aged 7, has a toilet at home. He feels safe now he no longer has to trek into the jungle on his own.

Sagar, 7 years old, India

Sagar explained, "I used to get up early in the morning to go to the toilet in the jungle. One day on the way to the jungle I fell and hurt myself badly. I cried a lot that day. I was also scared of the snakes and scorpions moving in the grass. During rainy season, it was especially difficult to go to the toilet.”

You’ve helped us build toilets for families in Sagar’s community. Sagar told us, “Now I have a toilet at home, I don’t have to go to the jungle anymore. I feel safe."

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