World Vision UK is part of the World Vision partnership which works in close to 100 countries.

Of the 40,000 staff employed by World Vision, 97 per cent work in their home countries or regions. Our personal understanding of what it means to live in the world’s hardest places is only because so many of them live alongside the children, their families and communities, helping to change the world they live in, and to change it for good.

Across the world, we work together to ensure that children’s voices are recognised and heard by national governments and key policy-makers, knowing that our combined influence can bring change that is so much greater.

This enables us to be both a local and global organisation, able to work at the grassroots in some of the world’s hardest places, while also able to plan and co-ordinate a wide range of programmes across vast distances.

Most importantly, it means we’re able to respond where the need is greatest amongst children anywhere in the world.

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