Whistleblowing Policy

In accordance with its Core Values and Guiding Principles, World Vision UK (WVUK) aims to provide an environment which:

  • encourages employees to report evidence of malpractice; and
  • allows them to do so without fear of retaliation and in the knowledge that it will be taken seriously.

An employee who detects, or has reasonable grounds for suspecting, unacceptable conduct is encouraged to raise such concerns with their immediate line manager through normal reporting channels.

Should an employee believe that reporting an allegation is not appropriate via the above channel, given the factual circumstances of the allegation, then the report may be made directly to World Vision's Integrity & Protection Hotline, which is provided by an independent third party and will generate an automatic report which will be received by World Vision UK’s Safeguarding Manager and passed to the organisations People & Culture Director for investigation.

The hotline may be accessed as follows:

  • Online at www.worldvision.ethicspoint.com
  • By UK freephone call: 0800 8900 11 then dial 877 897 5384