Choosing the right charity to support with your donations is a difficult decision, so don’t just take our word for what we do. Here’s what some of our current supporters have to say about their partnership with us.


Since 2014, Lightsource has been supporting the growth and development of Koh Krolor community in Cambodia through the remarkable work of World Vision. Our employees are given the opportunity to take real ownership over this project, not just in the monetary sense, but bringing our skills and expertise directly for the benefit of the local community. In just three years, we have raised over £350,000 through various activities. In addition, we have also funded and installed solar panels on two local schools. These solar installations enable the schools to generate their own sustainable and renewable source of electricity, creating a safe and more productive learning environment for students. Our ethos around the project is education and we are pleased to have been allowed the flexibility by World Vision to make a real difference here.

Our experience in working with the team on both corporate and local levels has been excellent. We receive support and advice across our activities, and crucially the local teams provide much needed insights and reporting on our contributions within the local community. We make a trip out there every year and we are constantly overwhelmed with the efficient way progress is being made in the village. We have witnessed the quality of life within the local community continuously improve and the World Vision team are always striving to make things even better.

- Nick Boyle, Lightsource BP

Lightsource in Cambodia


I was, and still am, impressed by World Vision's objectives of sustainability and empowerment. Any project I have been involved with has only started after in-depth research and preparation, and with a commitment to sustainability after the end of the project. Local people are involved in the design and set-up, and have a high level of responsibility in the projects from the start. I also realise that the respect and sensitivity staff show to the communities they work with has a large part to play in their success.

I was very fortunate to make a trip to Honduras to see the projects that I had contributed to financially. Much of what I saw was humbling, and some upsetting. However, I also saw an unexpected level of real eagerness and enthusiasm, for the new projects and the ultimate benefits. It seemed almost infectious, and the excitement for change was palpable... It was humbling to see how World Vision had involved all ages to make a difference and manage projects into the future, with whole communities working together. I loved the way that intergenerational management and cooperation was bringing mutual respect, responsiveness and happiness.

- Julia Carr


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