We hope for a future where even the most vulnerable families can receive the best possible healthcare, locally. We long to see families thriving, children enjoying childhood and families no longer torn apart by preventable diseases and ill health.

So how can we achieve this goal?

We're focussing on four main challenges:

  • Ending preventable diseases
  • Preventing women from dying in childbirth
  • Training community health workers so all newborns live to see their fifth birthday
  • Strengthening local health care systems

The plan

Over three years we'll transform the lives of 1,350,000 people, helping babies to grow well, children and families to stay healthy, and making sure that quality healthcare's available when it's needed.

To reach this goal, we need to raise £2,081,000 by 2019.

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Saving baby Marwa

Saving baby Marwa

Marwa, now 2 years old, has a story like so many in Somalia.

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Marwa, now 2 years old, has a story like so many in Somalia.

At just a year old she suddenly developed a high fever, lost her appetite and had difficulty breathing. After three days and no improvement, Marwa’s grandmother took her to a local clinic where chest x-rays revealed the lung scarring typical of tuberculosis. In critical condition she was transferred to the Hargeisa TB clinic (set up by World Vision) for emergency treatment.

After two months at the TB clinic, Marwa started to improve. Her appetite slowly increased and she gained weight. She still has to be closely monitored but doctors are pleased with her recovery.

Best of all, she can now play with the other children in the hospital. When asked about Marwa’s treatment, her grandmother said:

“The staff at the Hargeisa TB clinic were skilled and drugs were available for her treatment. The staff here have taken good care of my granddaughter and I am grateful to them for saving her life”.

Marwa is one of tens of thousands of children who have received treatment at a TB clinic built in partnership with World Vision.

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Where help is needed most

From 2017 to 2019 our health projects will change more than 1,350,000 lives, in some of the world's hardest places.

Proven approach to change

Over the last 60 years we've developed techniques and approaches that truly work. These include: strengthening health systems water, sanitation and hygiene baby care families educate and share together communities manage acute malnutrition.

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Why partner with World Vision?

  1. We have 60 years’ development experience and are active in nearly 100 countries.
  2. We form long standing partnerships with the local community.
  3. We work with over 200,000 community health workers, so we canreach the most vulnerable.
  4. Our community health worker home-visiting model has been praised by WHO for its effectiveness.
  5. Our sector-leading Citizen Voice and Action approach (acknowledged by the World Bank as a best practice tool) helps communities to create their own change.
  6. We focus on sustainability. Achievements and changes will continue for generations to come.
  7. We run best-in-class therapeutic feeding programmes.
  8. We’re one of the 13 leading humanitarian organisations making up the UK's DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), globally responding to emergencies.

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