Food & Economic Development PROJECT PORTFOLIO

We believe a hunger free world is possible. But today one in nine people won't have enough food to eat.

So how can we achieve this goal?

We're focussing on three key areas:

  • Increased, nutritious harvests.
  • Increased – and sustainable – family income.
  • Understanding child nutrition better.

The plan

Over three years, we'll transform a million lives through £30.5 million of food and economic development project grants. But, to unlock the funding, we need to raise a further £1.6 million (£534,000 per year from 2017-2019).

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Kamama's story

Kamama's story

Kamama, five, (pictured) lives in Kenya with her mum, Julia, and little sister, Chepkiach.

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Kamama, five, (pictured) lives in Kenya with her mum, Julia, and little sister, Chepkiach.

“I grow maize, beans and millet and I have fruit trees,” says Julia. “Crops were not so good this year – there was not enough rain."

The family's next harvest will be a different story.

We've helped to install a gravity-fed water system in Kamama's community. Now they have clean, fresh water for the local health centre, schools and around 800 families - including Kamama's. The water supply means Julia can produce a good harvest – and feed her daughters – even when there’s not enough rain.

Kamama's family life has, quite simply, been transformed through this project.

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Where help is needed most

From 2017 to 2019 our food projects will change one million lives, in some of the world's hardest places.

Proven approach to change

Over the last 60 years we've developed techniques and approaches that truly work. These include:

  • managing natural resources
  • increasing families' food
  • business skills
  • parent-to-parent advice and support
  • community empowerment
  • savings and loans groups

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Why partner with World Vision?

  1. We have 60 years’ development experience and are active in nearly 100 countries.
  2. We form long standing partnerships with the local community.
  3. We work with thousands of community groups (more than any other NGO).
  4. Our world class Citizen Voice and Action work has been acknowledged by the World Bank as a best practice tool for supporting sustainable community development.
  5. We focus on sustainability. Achievements and changes will continue for generations to come.
  6. We’re one of the 13 leading humanitarian organisations making up the UK's DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), globally responding to emergencies.
  7. Our Christian identity enables us to work with leaders of different religious groups, allowing us to be more effective in our impact and transformation.
  8. We advocate – giving communities a voice on world stages. We’ve repeatedly been the UK Government’s go-to advisors on policies that affect the most vulnerable children across the world.

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