We want to see all girls and boys 'educated for life'.

Improved literacy and numeracy are key, but so are emotional, social and life skills so children can reach their full potential to lead productive and fulfilling lives. So how can we achieve this goal?

Together we'll make sure all children can:

  • read, write and use maths skills
  • learn from an early age and complete a quality education that sets them up for life
  • make good decisions, communicate their own ideas, become role models to their peers and the leaders of tomorrow.

The plan

Over the next three years we'll transform the lives of over half a million children through ensuring they have access to quality education, the right support to learn both in and outside of school, and the opportunity to stay in school.

To reach this goal, we need to raise £2.1 million by 2019.

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“I like reading the most"

“I like reading the most

Sakhi, eight, reads to her classmates.

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Sakhi, eight, reads to her classmates.

“Sakhi has shown considerable progress in her reading skills since she joined the reading club,” says Pooja, Unlock Literacy's reading club leader in Sakhi's village.

After-school and weekend reading clubs are an important part of the programme?for younger learners. Children can build on the literacy skills they learn at school, through songs, games and arts and crafts.

“I like reading the most,” says eight-year-old, Sakhi. “I also like the make-and-take activity where we are asked to draw or write something from what we learned at the reading club that we take home and store in our reading corners.”

The home reading corner is just one way that our Unlock Literacy programme supports children like Sakhi to keep learning at home.

“World Vision has taught us how to be involved in our child’s education even at home,” says Babu, Sakhi’s father. “A few months ago Sakhi could barely even recognise alphabets. Today she is able to comfortably read full sentences from books.”

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Where help is needed most

From 2017 to 2019 our education projects will change more than half a million children's lives, in some of the world's hardest places.

Proven approach to change

Over the last 60 years we've developed techniques and approaches that truly work. These include:

  • Go Baby Go! for 0-3 year olds and their families
  • Learning Roots programmes working with families, children's centres and local authorities to help 3-6 year olds get a stronger grounding
  • Unlock Literacy for primary school teachers and children
  • Safe and Nurturing Schools programme to combat bullying and abuse in secondary schooling
  • Citizen Voice and Action; community-led advocacy that works.

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Why partner with World Vision?

  1. We have 60 years’ development experience and are active in nearly 100 countries.
  2. We form long standing partnerships with the local community.
  3. Our literacy programmes have reached over 1.7 million children and trained 83,000 teachers.
  4. Our world class Citizen Voice and Action community tool has helped improve literacy rates across our programmes by 10 per cent.
  5. We focus on sustainability. Achievements and changes will continue for generations to come.
  6. We’re one of the 13 leading humanitarian organisations making up the UK's DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), globally responding to emergencies.
  7. Our Christian identity enables us to work with leaders of different religious groups, allowing us to be more effective in our impact and transformation.
  8. We advocate – giving communities a voice on world stages. We’ve repeatedly been the UK Government’s go-to advisors on policies that affect the most vulnerable children across the world.

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