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Free Wills, 
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Free will-writing

Free wills, valuable advice

We all know we need to make a Will. Without it, those you care about may not inherit in the way you expect them to. But getting round to it isn’t always easy.

Wills are also vital for charities like ours. Without gifts in Wills, we simply cannot afford to do as much work as we need to. So, we’ve partnered with Bequeathed to make the whole process simpler.

Personal wills

Whether you want to leave a gift to World Vision or not, please feel free to make use of this free Will offer.

Corporate scheme

We can also arrange a free Will-writing scheme that you can offer as part of your employee benefits. Simply call us on 01908 84 10 60 to find out more.

Simple process

With Bequeathed, you can make a start on your Will immediately. It’s simple, convenient and it’s free. You start with an online interview. There’s guidance and chat support on hand to help you progress at your own pace. Bequeathed then create your Will. You simply download it and follow the instructions for how to sign it in front of witnesses.

Your priorities

The financial security of your family and friends will naturally be your first priority and making a Will is essential to achieving that. Once loved ones are taken care of, then even a small gift to us can enable us to carry on the vital work you care so passionately about, long into the future.

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