Healthy Children

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a healthy start in life -
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Please give more children like Garang a healthy start to life

Across the world, children like Garang have only ever known illness and hunger. Struggling to find food or fighting preventable diseases is a daily reality and today, nearly 18,000 children under five will die of mostly preventable diseases – unless something changes.

But your generous gift could change that. We're working alongside local communities to:

  • Equip healthcare facilities
  • Improve access to life saving treatment
  • Train healthcare workers – so no child must die

Join us to make this happen

A gift from you today of:

  • £96 could treat a child suffering from tuberculosis
  • £140 could pay for life-saving equipment at a local clinic for a month
  • £250 could screen ten vulnerable children under 5 years old, most at risk from tuberculosis

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