Syria Crisis

Half a million children are crammed in camps without the basics to survive. A place to sleep, food, clean water, and education. Coronavirus makes things so much worse.  

As the conflict entered its tenth year in March 2020, this suffering shows no signs of ending.

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Syrian children need your help

The bombardment in North-western Syria is relentless.

It's been catastrophic for hundreds of thousands of children. 

Children and families are arriving at camps hungry, cold and deeply distressed by what they've seen and experienced. Camps are squeezed beyond breaking point and our partners on the ground are overwhelmed by the scale of the needs.

And now with coronavirus, the children in these camps face even more suffering and upheaval.

The virus could destroy refugee communities that simply aren’t able to cope with a pandemic of this scale. And children will be amongst the hardest hit.

Distancing from others is practically impossible. Soap and water aren’t always available. And existing poor health puts people at greater risk of getting a severe case of coronavirus and of dying from it.

Whilst children in the UK aren't considered the most vulnerable to the virus itself, this isn’t the case for children in refugee camps. Many have serious underlying health conditions. They're also at greater risk of malnutrition. For these children, the impact will be devastating.

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•  £23 - Psychological Support Kits for 3 children including toys, learning materials and hygiene items

•  £52 - heating fuel for a family in northern Syria for 1 month

•  £88 - a child with nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education and a safe place to stay for two weeks


We will use your donation to help children and families in Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries.


Salah, 12, lives in Lebanon with his family as a refugee. Back in Syria he went to school. The family had a car and lived in a house. Traumatised by the conflict, the Child Friendly Space is the only place he feels safe. 


Please donate now

Donate today to help Syrian children facing crisis and uncertainty.



“Children come to us on a daily basis in Syria hungry, cold, and deeply distressed by what they have witnessed and experienced. Many of those living in Idlib now come from other parts of Syria and have known nothing but displacement and war in their short lives. Boys and girls aged five or six can name every type of bomb by its sound, but sometimes can barely write their name having missed out on the chance of an education. No child should ever be forced to experience the suffering and upheaval these children have. We are working to support them but cannot reiterate enough: only a lasting ceasefire can put an end to this misery.”

- - Johan Mooij, World Vision Syria Response Director

Together we can protect the world’s most vulnerable children from coronavirus.


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