Summer refugee appeal

This summer we desperately need to help children and families around the world who have been forced to flee their homes due to terrifying violence, poverty or disaster.

Our focus is on providing the most basic human needs.

Food, healthcare, water, sanitation and shelter are top of our agenda, along with helping to improve refugees’ lives through education and jobs training. This includes our Child Friendly Spaces, which provide children with places to play, learn and have a degree of normality.

Please help us to reach children and families most in need this summer.

“Our tent was in very bad shape,” says Hasina. “I covered the roof with the cloth to try and keep the rain out. During one storm, I was afraid it was going to fly off.” - Hasina, living in Cox Bazaar’s refugee camp, Bangladesh.

Today, you can help us to provide a permanent shelter for a family like Hasina’s.