Special Appeal

Millions of children are at risk of malnutrition and starvation.

We urgently need you to help these children who fight hunger every day.

Your gift could save lives.

Thank you for giving what you can.

Across eastern and southern Africa, millions of children are threatened by famine. For them, each day is a battle for survival.

Musimbi, her young nephew Rayford and the rest of their family survive on two tiny meals a day. Drought destroyed their crops and livelihoods. They’re all at risk of malnutrition and even starvation.

Musimbi feels hungry almost all the time and can’t go to school. Rayford is underweight and needs nutrient-rich foods to grow properly and fight illnesses.

Children like Musimbi and Rayford urgently need your help today. Your gift today could:

  • fund nutritious food packs to feed hungry children.
  • help families learn new ways to grow crops to adapt to climate change.
  • help buy seeds and teach families how to prepare and cook the food they receive.

Your support can change the lives of vulnerable children for good.

Thanks to you and supporters like you, our nutrition ministry has helped 89% of the hungry and severely malnourished children we’ve treated since 2014 to make a full recovery. Food packs containing emergency food would help children like Rayford thrive. Could you donate today to save hungry children like him from starvation?

You can help re-write the futures of children like Musimbi and Rayford. Thank you.

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