Southern Africa Food Crisis

You can help children and families facing starvation across southern Africa. Please donate today.

Millions of children like Musimbi are threatened by famine. They urgently need your help today.  Credit: ©2019 World Vision.

Right now, children and families across southern Africa are facing starvation and urgently need your help.

An estimated 12 million people are caught in one of the largest hunger crises ever to affect southern Africa. Since October last year, millions of children and their families across Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia have seen their crops and livelihoods destroyed and their water supplies stretched thin by one of the worst droughts in four decades.  

The crisis is set to worsen over the coming months.

Children are at increased risk of malnutrition and death due to lack of access to water and food. The majority of families will be facing starvation, unless we act now. 

We’re on the ground, working to save and protect the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable children and families in the worst affected communities in Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our focus is on getting food and water to those most in need and protecting children and their families in the long-term. But we can’t do this without your help.  

7-year-old Musimbi from Zambia (pictured above) faces a daily battle for survival.    

“We eat once a day. Sometimes we eat twice when there is a lot,” she explains. “When I’m hungry, my body shivers and I feel weak. I love playing with my friends, but when I’m hungry it’s hard to play.”   

Finding food has become the main priority for millions of families like Musimbi’s, crushing childhoods and so many hopes for the future.  

Please help get urgently needed supplies to children and families across southern Africa.

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