South Sudan Refugee Appeal

Conflict and a terrible famine in South Sudan have forced hundreds of thousands of families to flee their homes.

Please help us to provide much needed food, water and medical supplies to those most in need.

Help children in South Sudan

Conflict and a terrible famine in South Sudan have forced hundreds of thousands of families to flee their homes. Over a million people have made their way to packed refugee camps in Uganda, over 500,000 of whom are vulnerable children. They urgently need your help.

The situation in South Sudan is becoming more and more desperate as thousands of people flee their homes in search of food and water.

I stopped producing milk. The baby is suffering. My baby cries a lot, she is suffering from hunger and we don’t have enough to eat.

- Ayeir Wieu, a mother of five

Ayeir’s situation is typical of thousands of families facing starvation.

Your support can make a real difference to children in the world’s youngest country.

Please give now to provide emergency food, water and medical care to children and families most in need ›

How your money can help

•    £15 could provide water containers and purification tablets
•    £35 could buy lifesaving medical care for a malnourished child
•    £80 could feed a family with rice, beans and cooking oil for two weeks


For the many thousands of vulnerable children who have fled from the violence, war and atrocities in South Sudan.

Children often travelling alone, separated from parents and many arriving in refugee camps on the Uganda border – orphaned and afraid.

Pray that their new home is a place where they can be protected, cared for, learn and play.


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