Ebola Crisis Appeal

Ebola has devastated Sierra Leone.

Please give now to help children deal with their loss and support families as the nation recovers.


Ebola Crisis appeal

Sierra Leone faces a long road to recovery after the Ebola outbreak. Many children have lost their parents, and friends. World Vision are now looking to the long term and planning how to help those affected to recover.

There are a number of urgent needs for the recovery phase- now that the country has been declared Ebola free. Children need help to continue with their education, with many requiring support to deal with the impact Ebola has had on their lives. You can help us reach more children affected by the Ebola virus.

Please donate now to help us save more lives.

  • £32 could help buy a hygiene kit for a school
  • £35 could help buy school material such as books, bags and pencils
  • £69 could help provide food and clothes for an Ebola orphan



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