More than 5 million children die before the age of five each year.

Over half of these deaths could be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions.

Your gift could help prevent needless deaths. Thank you for giving what you can.

Millions of children and babies die each year from preventable causes, simply because their mothers don’t get the healthcare they need during their pregnancy, or the support and advice they need after their baby is born and in the critical early years of their development.

Without the help and support she needed, Grace lost her baby son to malnutrition. With no one to help her identify the critical situation her son was in, there was no chance of him recovering. When Grace’s baby daughter, Juliana (pictured above), started to display the same symptoms, Grace feared the worst. But thankfully, she received a visit from a World Vision volunteer at just the right time.

Please help save the lives of more children like Juliana. Your gift today will mean that mothers and families in need:

  • Get the support and care they need during pregnancy so their babies develop healthily.
  • Have access to essential medical care and medicines to treat and prevent potentially fatal illnesses.
  • Get the advice and support they need to ensure their children grow up healthily, including malnutrition screening and training to learn how to feed their children a nutritious diet.

Your support could prevent heartbreak for mothers like Grace.

Juliana made a complete recovery from severe malnutrition, thanks to supporters like you. But millions of other children are at risk.

You can help children like Juliana to survive to the age of five and beyond by making a donation today.