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Start a friendship that sends a child to school

For many children living in the world’s hardest places, there is no such thing as back to school. There is only the daily walk to collect water. Or an exhausting day at work to pay for food. Their lives are hard. The futures filled with fear. But it doesn’t have to be like this. By sponsoring a child now, you can help give them the education, and the happy future, they deserve.

Education protects vulnerable children from forced labour and early marriage

12 year-old Mohsin used to bind books from 9am to 7pm. Now he is able to read them, thanks to his child sponsor. When Tania was just 11, she had to leave school. She spent the next three years peeling shrimp, squatting for hours with little rest, to earn money to support her family. We helped her return to studying, giving her essential skills training so she can build a business of her own in the future.

We know the difference sponsorship can make to vulnerable children, because we’ve seen lives transformed. Yet there are still too many children living without this kind of freedom. Which is why they need your friendship today. Become a child sponsor – for only 85p a day – and not only will it transform the life of a child in need, it will also transform your life.

Sponsor a child

Help send us to school?

Sponsor a child and you start a unique relationship with them. Your sponsored child will write to you – and you can write back. You can also share photos, encouraging messages, and watch as they grow and learn, year by year.

How child sponsorship transformed Boubacar’s life

Life is very different for 14 year-old Boubacar now. Thanks to the support of his child sponsor, he’s thriving. He’s at school and has many friends.

In return, share their school days - and their world

Suhani now has a school bag and books

Suhani is very grateful to her sponsor, “…when they write to us, I feel very happy.” She likes drawing pictures for her sponsor and can remember what life was like before sponsorship came to her village, “…we didn’t have bags, text books and notebooks to do our studies.”

Sponsor a child

Sumit loves telling his sponsor about school

Sumit’s life is now full of play and laughter, “…we can focus on studies [and] we get to play games with friends.” By sponsoring children like Sumit, you can see them grow into young adults, with bright futures ahead of them.

Sponsor a child

Tening hopes to read to her sponsor in person one day

This is 6 year-old Tening. Her grandmother has been helped by World Vision sponsorship since 2006 and thanks to this has been able to send her eldest daughter to school. As a child sponsor, you even get the chance to visit the child you support.

Sponsor a child