Give Regularly

Sponsor a child

Just 85p a day can free a child from the fear that poverty creates. Sponsorship keeps children protected and provides them with clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and education – everything a child needs to enjoy their childhood.

Donate regularly

From rape to recruitment as child soldiers, children living in the world's most dangerous places face unimaginable risks every day. Donate to save and protect these children and bring hope to their childhoods.

Give the Essentials

Give children the essentials they need in life - clean water, food, healthcare and an education. For £2 a week, you’ll bring hope to children living in poverty. Essentials makes life more bearable for millions of children.

Sponsor an orphan

Without parents, orphans living in poverty are ever more vulnerable to hunger, exploitation and illness. Sponsor an orphan to help them receive the support they need within their community. Education sponsorship helps children to stay in school, remain healthy and look forward to a brighter future.

Sponsor a boy

Boys living in some of the world's hardest places have to grow up fast. They may shoulder the burden of providing for their family or become targets in armed conflicts. By sponsoring a boy, you will help him get an education, understand his rights and fulfil his responsibilities. Sponsor a boy today and build a better tomorrow.

Sponsor a girl

In difficult situations girls become vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, neglect. Yet, often they also take on huge responsibility; childcare, finding food and water. Sponsor a girl to go to school, give her support, and help her to know her rights and find her voice. Female education sponsorship is vital to improving the lives of abused girls around the world - help stop this abuse by sponsoring a girl today.