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Hi {supporter_name} here's a new video from {child_name}

Being in front of a camera might be a new experience for {child_gender_himher}, however, {child_gender_hisher} message is in {child_gender_hisher} own words and language and we hope you will enjoy seeing {child_gender_himher}!

Thank you.

You have already provided us with feedback for this video.

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Why isn't {child_name}'s video translated?

Children love to share their world with their sponsors, so thousands of videos are recorded every month all over the world in dozens of languages. This means that we're unable to provide subtitles or a translation. But we know children find their own way to communicate and welcome you into their world and we hope you enjoy this video from {child_name}. 

How was {child_name}'s video recorded? 

{child_name}'s video was recorded by local staff and volunteers in {child_community}. {child_gender_heshe} was filmed in familiar surroundings, and anyone behind the camera was trained to help {child_gender_himher} feel at ease and to capture what {child_gender_heshe} wanted to say in {child_gender_hisher} own words. However, please bear in mind that being in front of a video camera may have been a new experience for {child_gender_himher}, and {child_gender_heshe} may have needed extra help from a family member. 

Can I send {child_gender_himher} a video in return? 

We know that sponsors enjoy sharing their lives with their sponsored child. However, due to the challenges of working in the areas that we work, and because of the number of children we work with, we unfortunately can’t get a video to {child_name} in {child_country} at the moment.

A great way to share a little of your world with {child_name} is to use one of the letter templates on My Sponsorship to write to {child_gender_himher} instead. Children love getting these bright, colourful messages – and you can even attach photos to bring your world to life for {child_gender_himher}.