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Children “May Never Recover” from Syrian Conflict

World Vision is urging world leaders not to forget the ongoing suffering of children caused by the Syrian conflict, as refugee numbers surpassed three million today.

Life Begins Again At Asraq For Syrian Refugees

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day and here we share a blog from one of our Canadian colleagues currently seconded to our Jordanian office, who shares the hope that Syrian refugees still cling to even as they settle into their new surroundings at the newly-opened Azraq refugee camp.

"I Don't Know If I Can Do This"

Duncan, one of three World Vision UK staff running the Milton Keynes Marathon on Monday, explains why he decided to do it, and what motivated him to keep pounding out the miles.

Azraq refugee camp opens amidst growing humanitarian needs of Syrian crisis

A new refugee camp has opened in Jordan, designed to provide 100,000 people with long-term care and shelter. Over the last year World Vision has worked alongside the United Nations and other aid agencies to develop a purpose built camp that can offer immediate, but also lasting, refuge.

"Now I can play again": What Winter Coats Mean To The Children of Syria

Two Syrian siblings share their joy at receiving the simplest of gifts - a pair of winter coats - and the difference it has made to their lives. It's stories like this that really show us how much your support matters.

It Was Horrible Living Below The Line Last Year, That's Why We're Doing It Again

World Vision supporter Richard shares the "humbling" of choosing to live on just £1/day for food to raise money for the people for whom there is no choice, just a daily fear of where their next meal will come from.

A Thank You From A Family Four Hours Away

World Vision UK's Head of Public Affairs, Gavin, shares simple message from the crowded camps of Syrian refugees in Jordan: they are truly grateful for your support.
scale and desperation of the Syrian refugee crisis. I saw children living in makeshift camps in

No Fairy Tale: Can the Children of Syria Ever Find a Happy Ending?

Lara Ghaoui from World Vision Lebanon has been present since the outbreak of fighting in Syria 3 years ago. She shares all that she's seen along the way and asks 'When will this end?'

Three Years On: Is There Any Hope for the Children of Syria?

World Vision communicator Meg Sattler reflects on three years of conflict and an overwhelming feeling that nobody cares. But we know that people do, and she tells us "A global effort for peace is not impossible."

What Does A Lost Generation Mean For The Children Of Syria

Our CEO Justin Byworth reflects on the people he met and the stories he heard while visiting Lebanon in the lead up to the 3rd anniversary of the Syria crisis. He explains why we must stand with the children of Syria and take action to help bring peace.

"That was me when I was younger" - reflections on an encounter in Lebanon

When Heidi met Mais in a refugee camp in Lebanon she was surprised to find a bubbly, friendly young woman facing a new life outside her home country. But that doesn't mean Mais doesn't fully understand the reality of the situation she finds herself in.

Public urged to voice their outrage and demand action to prevent a lost generation in Syria

Children cannot afford another year of bloodshed, suffering and missed education, warn aid agencies

Grateful For Safety, But Desperate To Learn

Nasrella fled Syria with his family more than half a year ago and has lost touch with not only his father, but his friends, too. All he really wants, though, is the chance to continue his education.

Sowing The Seeds Of A Solution: Why Progress To Peace In Syria Is Essential

With the Geneva peace talks searching for a peaceful solution to the Syria conflict this week, Johan Eldebo outlines his experience of just why sowing the seeds of a solution is so vital for the children of Syria.

World Vision rallies behind movement for Syria's children

World Vision,UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children, and other agencies today united behind a call to governments, aid agencies and the public to champion the children of Syria by backing the “No Lost Generation” aid intervention.

It Could Have Been Me

Emergency Programmes Officer, Joanna Garbalinska, shares the very personal impact her recent visit to the victims of the Syria Crisis had on her. Not just the dramatic need of the people, but the fact that their lives before they were forced to flee were not that far from our own.

Syrian refugee families vulnerable as largest winter storm in years hits Lebanon

As the largest winter storm in years threatens Lebanon, World Vision is stepping up its preparations throughout the region to keep Syrian refugees safe from below freezing temperatures and snow.

A Tale of Two Catastrophes

Our CEO, Justin Byworth, reflects on the combine tragedies unfolding halfway around the world from each other: the enormous natural disaster in the Philippines and the man-made atrocities of the Syrian Crisis. How do we support children, communities and staff to have the greatest impact?