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Waiting to return home

Since fleeing Syria for nearby Jordan, Qamar and her siblings have been trying to make the best of their situation - despite living in poor conditions and without the opportunities they left behind.

Keeping hope alive

Can children trapped in a cycle of conflict and uncertainty, many of whom have seen and experienced so much pain, see a glimmer of hope? The conflict in Syria has caused huge instability in neighbouring Iraq, with around 2.5 million people having to leave their homes due to fighting. In a recent visit to the region, we spoke to some of the children who were hoping their lives would someday get back on track.

Creating options - Absi's story

While most boys his age attend school, ten-year-old Absi is learning to earn a living. He is just one of thousands of Syrian children growing up without fathers, with limited family income and poor prospects for the future, who are now working to provide for their families.

‘Political solution is the only option for Syria’, says World Vision

‘Political solution the only option for Syria’, says World Vision, on eve of Syria Donor conference in Kuwait.

Mothers in crisis

Conflict in Syria and Iraq has caused huge levels of displacement as the crisis in both countries continues. With millions of children caught in a state of flux, without schooling and security, it often falls on their mothers to try and provide stability as best they can. We met two such women, Ghada and Enstar, who are doing their best to keep their family safe.

Meeting Jalel

World Vision’s Rhonda Hirst visited Jalel - a 5 year-old child who saves the food he gets at school so that his family won't go hungry at home. She saw how the conflict in Syria had forced children like Jalel into a difficult and desperate position, but how remedial education classes were throwing him a lifeline and a future.

Aid agencies give UN Security Council a 'fail grade' on Syria

World Vision along with 20 NGOs criticised UNSC powers for failing to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Syria.

Living through trauma: Asil's story

15-year-old Asil grew up in a small town in Syria with his father and younger siblings. One day, however, the family’s quiet life had been swallowed by the rolling conflict that had been taking place in Syria since March 2011. As bombs began to fly, Asil and his family made the first of what would become many moves in search of a safe place to shelter.

Exhausted endurance - Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Rob Henderson first visited Lebanon in 2013 amid rumblings that the country, already playing host to half a million Syrian refugees, was at bursting point. Despite the hard realities of daily life, Rob still managed to find stories of hope. However, when he returned to Lebanon a year later on secondment, that hope was greatly eroded.

Seeking refuge in Iraq

As fighting continues to spread through Iraq, families are fleeing for the relative safety of Iraqi Kurdistan. World Vision is providing cash assistance to mothers like Ekhbal, who fled her village with a newborn son and three other children.

World Health Organisation praises World Vision's effort in Iraq

World Vision is praised for its move to provide mobile clinics for internally-displaced people in Iraq.

Winter is a time of fear for families in Za'atari

As the Middle East prepares for another harsh winter, the situation facing the estimated 11 million Syrians displaced by the crisis becomes even more difficult. The cold is particularly dangerous for young children, and those living in informal tents and sub-standard buildings. Ahead of tomorrow’s Coats for Syria fundraiser, we speak to the parents of 20 month old Nouras about their worries.

Hoping for a sweet start to the new year

We talk to a young Syrian family living in Azraq refugee camp, as they prepare for yet another harsh winter in freezing conditions.

World Vision assists displaced Syrians affected by winter storm

World Vision is on the ground providing comfort and assistance as refugees face harsh winter conditions.

Sara's Story

Sara grew up safe and secure in a middle class family in Damascus. As the fighting escalated, Sara and her family experienced the worst of human nature as homes were bombed, women kidnapped, and the air of her once quiet neighbourhood became filled with the sounds of guns and people dying. And then the violence finally reached her family.

Hani's Story

Hani is a beautiful eight-year old little boy. Like many children his age, he went to preschool, learned the alphabet and studied his numbers. That was until the bombs started exploding. Now, like many Syrian children his age, Hani is a refugee and has seen and experienced things that no child should. This is his story.

Finding a different way to celebrate Halloween

This Halloween, join World Vision in turning a night of fear into a night of hope for Syrian children.

Easing the burden for host communities

The conflict in Syria is now in its fourth year, and has already claimed more than 190,000 lives—at least 10,000 confirmed to be children. It has forced approximately nine million people to flee their homes and almost three million to take refuge in neighbouring countries.

Iraq Crisis: World Vision Supports Aid Delivery to Displaced Individuals

World Vision has begun distribution of aid supplies facilitated by the Women’s Empowerment Organisation.

Update: World Vision's Regional Syria Crisis Response

The conflict in Syria has now been going on for more than three years. Here's an update on our effort in the region thus far.