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Most important New Year’s Resolutions

World Vision meets with Ibrahim, Isa & their 8-month-old baby Lubab. Recalling the events that drove them to flee Syria, Ibrahim and Isa discuss their journey to Serbia and their wish for baby Lubab to grow up free from fear.
reduce the effects of climate change. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the largest humanitarian

What happens when girls flee conflict zones

World Vision Communicator, Patricia Mouamar, reports on the dangers facing many refugee girls fleeing conflict zones, and reflects on her own experiences growing up in 1980s Lebanon. She meets some of the Syrian refugee girls, whose lives were being stunted by early marriage and child labour.

When rain turns to snow

In the parks of Belgrade, Serbia, many refugees have pitched tents as they wait to continue their journey into Europe. We spoke to four-year-old Nagisa who has recently arrived with her family. With her father frantically trying to keep their clothes and belongings dry, there are fears that conditions will become worse as winter approaches.

European resettlement not solution to refugee crisis, new funding models essential - top Conservatives MP tells World Vision fringe event

European resettlement not solution to refugee crisis, new funding models essential, says Desmond Swayne.
their funding plans in order to resolve the Syrian refugee crisis. Describing the crisis as the

Making up for lost time

In refugee camps in Lebanon, people are desperate for some kind of normality to return. From children missing out on an education, to shopkeepers attempting to ply their trade - everybody is conscious of lost time as they wait for peace to come to Syria.

Leaving nobody behind

This weekend, world leaders meet at the UN in New York to agree to a new set of global goals that charities and governments together will focus on over the next fifteen years. WVUK Social Media Manager Kate Shaw shares three stories on the subject of early/forced marriage - an area that wasn't fully tackled in the last set of goals but that she hopes will be at the top of the table this time around.

A mother's tears

World Vision Photojournalist Laura Reinhardt spent time at the Serbia-Hungary border this week, meeting refugees and hearing their stories as they wait in limbo. She spoke to mother-of-three Kenaz, who explained how she desperate she is for her husband in Sweden to meet their new son Noor and to reunite the family.

World Vision welcomes EU Interior Ministers’ decision to accept 120,000 people

World Vision welcomes decision but emphasises the continued pressures faced by Syria’s neighbouring countries.

Peaceful in the treetops

World Vision's Suzy Sainovski recently visited in a friend in Lebanon. While she was there, they released an owl back into the wild, who had previously been mistreated, amid sounds of bombing from nearby Syria. This juxtaposition of peace and war invited Suzy to reflect on the futility of conflict.

Twelve short months - Refugees and the Syria crisis

When the UN meets to agree the new Sustainable Development Goals next week, World Vision's Rob Henderson reflects on our collective need to go further this time if we really want the world to move forward in the next fifteen years. With Syria being the humanitarian crisis of our time, our response will define a generation.

A simple gesture

Yesterday was Photojournalist Laura Reinhardt's first day in Serbia witnessing the refugee crisis in Europe firsthand. She met a young couple with their eight-month-old baby, who had just arrived in a taxi, and like thousands of other refugees, were expecting to find a safe haven. Instead they found themselves trapped in the desperate limbo that many refugees are experiencing - stuck near the Serbia-Hungary border, but unable to progress any further.

I just want a life for my family

We spoke to Hassan and Rania on the border between Serbia and Hungary who explained how it feels to be stuck between two countries with their young family. Hassan explained how he managed to find work in Turkey, but ultimately, his children's inability to find education forced them to move on in search of a better life.

A lifeline for Syrian families

For most Syrian families seeking refuge in Lebanon, receiving food vouchers has been a lifeline. However, the value of the vouchers was recently halved due to funding shortfalls, and the change is pushing many families into debt as they try to feed themselves - making their situations even more unstable. We met Mohammad and Zakiya who explained the contrast between their situation now, and their life back in Syria.

World Vision launches Refugee Crisis appeal as EU leaders meet in Brussels

World Vision UK has launched an emergency appeal as the refugee crisis in Europe continues to escalate.

Giving hope to refugee families

For many refugees arriving in Serbia, this is the latest stop in an exhausting journey. This week World Vision began distributing baby packs, with diapers and other basics, in camps in Subotica and Kanjiza in northern Serbia, close to the Hungarian border. With an estimated 2,000 migrants crossing the border from Macedonia into Serbia daily, needs are growing.
Middle East and Eastern Europe. Since the Syrian refugee crisis began more than four years

The struggle for an education

In southern Lebanon, Syrian school-age children are struggling to get places at school due to overcrowding and a strain on resources. We met Baker, a 5-year-old Syrian refugee who was determined to go to a World Vision run Early Childhood Education Programme, in spite of his disability.

Staying hopeful in the heat

World Vision's Therese Boulos recently visited the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, to see how Syrian families were coping in the heatwave that is currently sweeping the region. She met seven-year-old Rasha and her family who were trying to stay positive in spite of the food and electricity shortages.

World Humanitarian Day: Massive challenges ahead as over 78 million people across 37 countries require humanitarian assistance

On World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to staff on the ground as our humanitarian aid workers share their thoughts.

The Communicator as Humanitarian

In her time at World Vision, Cecil Laguardia has worked in some of the most disaster-prone regions of the world. Here, she reflects on the unique requirements of her job and how she draws inspiration from the people she works with.
to the Syrian refugee crisis and Nepal’s recent

Close to a million children in Iraq refugee camps face severe water shortages as sandstorms and heatwave hit the Middle East

World Vision has today called for greater funding and support for families displaced across Iraq as temperatures continue to rise.