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Coronavirus: Plans for a unique humanitarian response

Isabel Gomes, World Vision's Global Director of Humanitarian Operations, shares how World Vision is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.
in line with World Humanitarian Summit and Grand Bargain commitments Protect

Climate Action Summit: World Vision urges immediate action on climate crisis

Climate-driven disasters are becoming alarmingly common and more deadly, says Andrew Morley - World Vision's Global President and CEO.

UK must consult children to create peace in war-torn countries

World Vision UK is urging the UK government to include children in decision-making to achieve peace in war-torn countries.
summit in New

Charities launch new Compact to help eliminate orphanages worldwide, echoing UK Government’s landmark commitment

The UK Government became the first major donor of its kind to explicitly pledge support for family and community-based care for all children.
On the occasion of the Global Disability Summit this … The occasion of the first Global Disability Summit makes this a particularly appropriate moment

Boris Johnson, phone booths and crazy weather: London through the eyes of Bangladeshi teens

Two youth leaders from Bangladesh - Al-Amin Bepary and Tanzim Tabassum Tithi - spent one week in London, taking part in the Commonwealth Youth Forum earlier in April.

Raising our strong voice

We are Swenimi and Shamindu, two young leaders from Sri Lanka who came to Sweden to participate in the Solutions Summit. We were there representing children from around the world and bringing their views to this important meeting, so people from government and United Nations can listen to us.
to Sweden to participate in the Solutions Summit. We were there representing children from … The main reason we were at the Solutions Summit was to raise the voices of children

Former 'forced wife' receives Marsh Award at Tedx summit

Conflict survivor receives prestigious award in London at Tedx summit

Church Partnerships

Willow Creek at Global Leadership Summit 2017 Willow Creek Association … extensive leadership training. Leverage the summit as a resource to transform you and your

Uganda Solidarity Summit must prioritise South Sudanese child refugees

World Vision is urging the international community to do more to prevent a children’s humanitarian crisis by supporting Uganda as it responds to those fleeing fighting in South Sudan.
Yoweri Museveni host the Uganda Solidarity Summit response leader in Uganda said the summit was aimed at supporting Uganda which has one … summit is an amazing opportunity for the

Survivor of rape in conflict praises Angelina Jolie and UK government

Angela Atim of Watye ki Gen meets Angelina Jolie at UK government to support survivors of sexual violence in conflict.
the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in 2014 … stigma that has really reduced thanks to the summit and media participation. It really helped

Partnering with Microsoft & Facebook to bridge education gap and teach Syrian child refugees using digital technology

International children’s charity World Vision is partnering with Microsoft, Google, Cisco Facebook; and other tech companies to host the #EdTech summit (01-02 March) which aims to inspire Syrian refugee children to harness the power of technology.
summit on the 1st and 2nd March. The summit aims to inspire Syrian refugee children to … education by a staggering 10 years. This summit will bring together the world’s top tech

13,000 former child soldiers in the Central African Republic pin their hopes on Brussels conference

World Vision is urging global leaders meeting in Brussels tomorrow (Thursday, 17 November 2016) to secure the future of thousands of children forced to take up arms on behalf of militia in the Central Africa Republic (CAR).
reconstruction in CAR over a landmark summit. During this

Remembering the faces behind the numbers | UN Refugee Summit September 2016

Today, as the UN discusses refugees and migrants and President Obama hosts world leaders for a discussion of the refugee crisis, humanitarian policy advisor Johan Eldebo writes about some of the children we work with whose lives have been completely transformed by these issues.
the refugee summits in New York are an opportunity for us to

Truck with 3D image of child refugees brings stark reality of crisis to London

A truck bearing a 3D image of asylum-seeking children, will this morning (Monday 19 September 2016), drive across London to highlight the strife and challenges that child refugees are facing around the world.
Migrants Summit starting in New York City today. The … in New York for the summit Refugees and Migrants Summit commitments for children emerge from this summit or it will be a wasted opportunity. The

World Vision calls for more political commitment and funds to end global hunger at Rio summit

The international aid charity, World Vision warns that three million children will die every year unless governments take far-reaching action to prevent malnutrition.
to malnutrition. At the Nutrition for Growth Summit to lay the foundation for a major pledging summit in … which will be outlined at the Rio summit

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads | Educating girls in Zimbabwe

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads - just a few of the things improving life in Sanzukwi ADP in Zimbabwe. When sponsor Claire Bardsley visited, she saw signs of drought and hardship, but also signs of encouragement and hope...

A burden no more | Preventing child marriage in Bangladesh

After overcoming epilepsy and avoiding an arranged marriage when she was just 14, Sonia is determined to work for World Vision one day. Now 22, Sonia credits the NGO with supporting her and her family while she was young. This is her story...

Bold plan to halt child marriage in jeopardy, warns new report

World Vision is urging the new International Development Secretary Priti Patel to take a lead in ramping up action to eradicate child marriages by 2030.
on the second anniversary of the Girl Summit. The report is issued in partnership with

Working with DFID to stop child marriage in Nepal

At the Girl Summit in 2014, leaders and organisations from around the world came together and pledged to end child marriage. Today in South-eastern Nepal, World Vision and the UK government are working together to make this goal come true.
At the Girl Summit in

The impact of Ebola on change and protection

As an advocate for change in her country, 17-year-old Alice felt the impact of the Ebola crisis twice; not only did it affect her family and peers on a personal level, it also slowed the rate of change and support she could give to vulnerable girls in her community. She describes how upsetting it was to see girls as young as 14 falling pregnant, and how we can still work together to support those in need…
were invited to the Girl Summit hosted by the UK government and UNICEF in