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5 reasons children are back in school

One way or another, children around the world are getting back into education. Find the top 5 reasons why it matters.
painting and storytelling.

First day of school: How to help your child cope with emotions

As children in the UK go back to school, find out how to help your children through times of anxiety, and to understand and manage their emotions.
we use storytelling as a tool to help children express … and have a voice in their community. Storytelling is by far the easiest and most effective way

Jackson: Becoming more than he ever dreamt

Jackson is living proof that the simple act of sponsoring a child can open up their future to more than they ever thought possible.
but I loved storytelling

Children in coronavirus lockdown spread hope across the world

During the current coronavirus crisis, children are finding ways to bring hope and healing to those around them.
doing storytelling for children to keep them entertained and

Humanitarian Heroes

Today on World Humanitarian Day, let us celebrate the inspiring stories of our humanitarian heroes.
and express themselves through drawing and storytelling. I often work with children who have been

Prestigious award for interactive fundraising experience

World Vision has received a coveted award for its groundbreaking interactive charity experience at UK shopping centres, with judges hailing the display as a “wonderful, emotive creation making a real difference to people’s lives”.

Waiting to start a new life

Syrian refugee and father, Fahad, discusses the treacherous couple of years he and his family have endured since fleeing their home. Sleeping at a roadside with his wife and 5 children, all Fahad wishes for is safety and a place for his family to call home.

The days of feeling unsafe are over now

12-year-old Ndawona and her five siblings were left sleeping in a mud hut covered with dry grass. The poor condition of their shelter meant that it leaked every time it rained, forcing them to stand up in the middle of the nigh. Thanks to a local Health Committee trained by World Vision, the future is now looking brighter for the young family.

Seeing real change in Ethiopia

This February, World Vision Policy and Programmes Director David Westwood took a plane with Public Engagement Director Mathew Neville to visit just some of the people who have experienced the changes of sponsorship over the past few decades.
children learn to read and write using storytelling and community libraries. The children came

"Where are the rights you promised us?"

‘Where are the rights you promised us?’ ask children in report marking 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We are Living Stories

Steve is our Children's Communication Specialist, working with children in our projects around the world, to support them in developing their communication skills. In this blog, Steve shares some of the stories, directly from the children of Bangladesh along with pictures drawn by them:
they can support children to improve their storytelling skills. Here are a few real life stories

How Sponsorship Works

Sponsor a child from just 85p per day with World Vision. Find out how child sponsorship can end child poverty in the world’s poorest countries
  Storytelling and creative activities to help them express

Our People

Our staff are passionate and determined to change the lives of children for good.
storytelling. Marcus Manuel Marcus Manuel has worked in

How I gather stories from across the world

Steve Richards tells us a little more about his process in drawing compelling, emotional stories from the people we work with all over the world.
use visual anthropology and storytelling techniques to support children to develop

Will the river run dry?

Steve Richards, our Children’s Communication Specialist, shares a story told to him by a village elder on his trip to Niger about the dried up river that he recalls in full flow.

Children Speak about Monsoons and High Hopes in India

Steve Richards, World Vision UK Children's Communications Specialist, shares stories from the children of India about monsoon season.
here in India to continue my storytelling mission with

Indian Sponsored Children proclaim “Education is our Right!”

Steve Richards, World Vision UK's Children's Communication Specialist, is in India hearing stories from the children of their desire - no, their RIGHT - to education.

Bolivia, Stories From the Children

Steve Richards, World Vision UK's Children's Communication Specialist shares some favourite stories and songs from the children he's recently been working with in Bolivia.