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“The war made us come here.”

After fleeing conflict in South Sudan and making the harrowing journey to Uganda, Sarah and her sisters finally feel safe. World Vision found the children a foster mother and child protection staff ensure they have enough to eat.
and child protection staff visit every week to make sure they have enough

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.

A dangerous necessity

For World Toilet Day, Annila Harris travelled to the Bhojpur community in east India to see many of the issues that people face when going to the toilet. Mainly driven by poverty, the practice of defecating in an open field is having an adverse effect on health - particularly for pregnant women, older people and children.

The future in the eyes of Lema

Lara Ghaoui, Emergency Programme Officer, recently travelled to Central African Republic to see how conflict was affecting our projects there. She met Lema, a proud father who works in our office there, and was left speechless when he told her about how he escaped the fighting.

An evacuation into Congo, a satellite phone and worlds colliding

Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor Johan Eldebo describes being recently evacuated from Central African Republic due to fighting nearby, and how this has strengthened his resolve to work with people living in the world's most difficult places.

Reconciliation after Ebola

World Vision's Stefanie Glinski recently travelled to Sierra Leone to meet Frances - a 10-year-old girl orphaned by Ebola. As the country is declared Ebola-free, Stefanie found that many survivors like Frances still carry the stigma of the disease.

Restoring pride to Tacloban

Two years since Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, Chris Weeks returns to see how Tacloban, a city that bore the brunt of the destruction, was faring as it continues to recover. He found countless painful memories, streets where every household had lost a family member, but also a fresh sense of hope…

Mothers coming together

As we approach six-months since the earthquake that shook Nepal, Media Specialist Carina Wint has spent a week in one of the hardest hit regions near Kathmandu, seeing how our work in the area has inspired a group of mothers to start their own centre - caring for orphaned and trafficked children.

Visiting Mira in Albania

Pam and Martin Stratchan visit Mira in Albania who they sponsor through World Vision UK.
and such a small and dedicated team of staff visit them and monitor their wellbeing

Action 2015 | Fighting for an end to child marriage

Senior Child Rights Programme Adviser Tracy Shields reflects on the tragedy of child marriage prior to her visit to Malawi - where 50% of girls under 18 fall prey to the practice. However, a worldwide remedy may come in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals and the pledge to 'eliminate all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage' by 2030.

Visiting progress and inching closer to the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone

As Sierra Leone inches closer to the end of the recent Ebola outbreak that has claimed almost 4,000 lives, WVUK's Celebrity Media Specialist, Siân Merrylees, recently visited our projects there to see for herself how World Vision has helped.

Talking with a former child soldier in CAR

Public Affairs and Government Relations Officer Sarah has been working on the SDGs for the past year. This summer she visited the conflict torn Central African Republic, and met a former child soldier named Francis. Francis' experiences symbolise the main failings of the MDGs, and what we need to do better over the next 15 years.

Staying hopeful in the heat

World Vision's Therese Boulos recently visited the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, to see how Syrian families were coping in the heatwave that is currently sweeping the region. She met seven-year-old Rasha and her family who were trying to stay positive in spite of the food and electricity shortages.

Meeting the President

Paul Elliston, Regional Manager for Latin America, recently spent two weeks in Honduras, speaking to families and finding out how they are benefiting from child sponsorship. He was lucky enough to meet Duvin - an astonishing young woman who devoted most of her time working for change and development in her country.

Bringing hope through faith

In the Central African Republic over half of the population has been affected by the conflict that has torn through the country since 2012. World Vision has been working with faith leaders to help unite communities and keep a tentative peace.


Two years after she trekked through the Himalayas on holiday, Emergency Programme Officer Lara returned to Nepal as part of World Vision's earthquake response. She was afraid to see the smiles wiped from the faces, but instead found remarkable levels of grace and resilience.

Four years on, hope, patience and prayer are the greatest needs in South Sudan

One week after South Sudan celebrated four years of independence, Melany Markham visited to see what had changed. What she found were growing difficulties in reaching those in need, with large-scale movements of people and increasing dependency on aid.

Searching for dignity - children with disabilities in Kenya

In Kenya, we met Lauren and Jeff - two children who face a daily struggle against, not only their disabilities, but the stigmatisation of society as a whole.

A view from the summit

Ahead of the G7 summit in Berlin, WV's Rob Henderson reflects on Britain's position in the world and how World Vision had made a real difference in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Seeing real change in Ethiopia

This February, World Vision Policy and Programmes Director David Westwood took a plane with Public Engagement Director Mathew Neville to visit just some of the people who have experienced the changes of sponsorship over the past few decades.