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Meeting Juan Carlos in the mountains of Bolivia

Reka is responsible for arranging all of our supporters' trips to see their sponsored children, so she felt it only right that she take the trip out to see her own sponsored child to understand just what it felt like to see the faces of the community she's helping.

A 44,000-Strong Family

When Reka's trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare of ill-health, the reaction of our colleagues in World Vision Peru surpassed anything she – or we – could have expected.

Standing In The Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

Chris Weeks, from our media team, is out in the Philippines helping with our efforts. In this blog he shares his reflections on the determination and resilience of the Filippino people after visiting one of the worst-hit cities.

World Vision Emergency Communicators: Into the Heart of a Tragedy

An eye-witness report of the destruction caused by the Uttarakhand flash floods and World Vision's relief distribution in the affected regions.

Early Marriage in Ethiopia; In The Girls' Own Words

Nell Williams, one of our marketing officers, traveled to Ethiopia to study the prevalence of early child marriage and what can be done to give girls their childhood back.

Why We Need to Close the Gap

World Vision's Global Campaigns Advisor, Ben Grierson-Hill, explains why he's so invested in this year's #ClosetheGap campaign and why the Millennium Development Goals are too important to ignore.

A letter to Muna, for our birthday

After meeting baby Muna while visiting our work in Jordan, the poignancy of their shared birthdays lead World Vision International's Meg to write an open letter about how inadequately she can answer the questions the crisis raises.

Our Country Programme Manager's favourite stories from Tanzania

In this blog, Arthur Mist - one of our country programme managers - shares his favourite stories from his recent trip to Tanzania.

Our message has been heard, now it's time to do the work

Our colleague from the DRC, Aimee Manimani, shares what your support and the IF campaign has achieved and why the race to end hunger isn’t over yet.

The stench of despair

Nadene Robertson from World Vision UK has been in Lebanon meeting families who have had to flee from Syria. In this blog she writes about the incredibly difficult conditions people are living in, in the south of the country.

Our baby survived rocket attack

Muna, a mother of five from Syria, vividly describes the night their village came under attack from rockets and fled for Lebanon.

Will the river run dry?

Steve Richards, our Children’s Communication Specialist, shares a story told to him by a village elder on his trip to Niger about the dried up river that he recalls in full flow.

Child Soldiers in DR Congo: a first-hand story of fear and redemption

Justin Byworth, World Vision UK CEO, talks about his trip to DR Congo and the children he met who had be forced into battle for the rebels. Learn more about why our child-friendly spaces are so important to these communities.

Three weeks on a park bench and a harsh winter ahead – Yasmin’s story

World Vision UK Communications Officer, Vikki Meakin writes about the work World Vision are doing to help Syrian refugees left cold and homeless in Lebanon.

Middle East reflections

World Vision CEO Justin Byworth reflects on his time in the Middle East and the complexities of the region’s relationships, which are all too often under intense pressure.

Bangladesh: On Progress, Education and How Much There Is Left To Do

Mathew Neville, our Head of Public Engagement, gives us his final blog from his trip to Bangladesh from Dhaka where he found children picking rubbish to try to earn enough money to eat.

Bangladesh: A Remarkable Story of the Power of Child Sponsorship

It’s been an emotional and educational few days in Bangladesh for Mathew, but also for all of us back here in the World Vision offices, learning of the progress the communities are making with your support.

Bangladesh: Preparing Communities To Keep The Work Alive

Head of Public Engagement, Mathew Neville’s second blog post from visit to Bangladesh: more wonderful stories of the things he is seeing and experiencing out there.

Bangladesh: Riverboat Songs, ADP Visits and Eating with Your Hands

World Vision’s Director of Public Engagement, Mathew Neville shares the emotions of visiting an ADP in Bangladesh that has seen real growth and success.

Building safety nets to catch children before they fall

Ann Graham shares a personal story of why the West Africa Crisis is so important for us all to take note of and give help to, through the story of one mother's success.