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Talking with a former child soldier in CAR

Public Affairs and Government Relations Officer Sarah has been working on the SDGs for the past year. This summer she visited the conflict torn Central African Republic, and met a former child soldier named Francis. Francis' experiences symbolise the main failings of the MDGs, and what we need to do better over the next 15 years.

Staying hopeful in the heat

World Vision's Therese Boulos recently visited the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, to see how Syrian families were coping in the heatwave that is currently sweeping the region. She met seven-year-old Rasha and her family who were trying to stay positive in spite of the food and electricity shortages.

The Communicator as Humanitarian

In her time at World Vision, Cecil Laguardia has worked in some of the most disaster-prone regions of the world. Here, she reflects on the unique requirements of her job and how she draws inspiration from the people she works with.

A night I'll remember

One year since the DEC appeal for Gaza, World Vision's Rajai Al Himdiat tells us what it was like trying to keep his family safe during the aerial bombardment that devastated his house and community.

Meeting the President

Paul Elliston, Regional Manager for Latin America, recently spent two weeks in Honduras, speaking to families and finding out how they are benefiting from child sponsorship. He was lucky enough to meet Duvin - an astonishing young woman who devoted most of her time working for change and development in her country.

Bringing hope through faith

In the Central African Republic over half of the population has been affected by the conflict that has torn through the country since 2012. World Vision has been working with faith leaders to help unite communities and keep a tentative peace.


Two years after she trekked through the Himalayas on holiday, Emergency Programme Officer Lara returned to Nepal as part of World Vision's earthquake response. She was afraid to see the smiles wiped from the faces, but instead found remarkable levels of grace and resilience.

A love letter to Nepal

World Vision Communicator Crislyn Felisilda always wanted to travel to Nepal, but never dreamed it would be as part of the global response to an earthquake. Torn between scenes of destruction and beauty, it was the resilience and spirit of the people that made a lasting impression.

The haves and have-nots of childhood

Geeta Bandi-Phillips reflects on how issues her community faced in her childhood are still to be addressed today. She calls on governments and the private sector to do more to address food and nutrition around the world using the sustainable development goals.

Village Flowers

World Vision's Alison Cole recently had the opportunity to attend some flower arranging workshops - just a few of the amazing Floral Friday activities that are raising money for children like Lee-Ap in Cambodia.

A view from the summit

Ahead of the G7 summit in Berlin, WV's Rob Henderson reflects on Britain's position in the world and how World Vision had made a real difference in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Dear Water

Children in Nyatike, Kenya, describe how their lives have been changed for good by the arrival of safe, clean water in their village.

A mother's heart

World Vision communicator Annila Harris travelled to Nepal to meet some of the families caught in the aftermath of the earthquake. What she found, were mothers and children, heavily affected but struggling to rebuild their lives.

Seeing real change in Ethiopia

This February, World Vision Policy and Programmes Director David Westwood took a plane with Public Engagement Director Mathew Neville to visit just some of the people who have experienced the changes of sponsorship over the past few decades.

Exhausted endurance - Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Rob Henderson first visited Lebanon in 2013 amid rumblings that the country, already playing host to half a million Syrian refugees, was at bursting point. Despite the hard realities of daily life, Rob still managed to find stories of hope. However, when he returned to Lebanon a year later on secondment, that hope was greatly eroded.

Hoping for a sweet start to the new year

We talk to a young Syrian family living in Azraq refugee camp, as they prepare for yet another harsh winter in freezing conditions.

Let’s Make 2015 a Year of Action for Children

Today marks the launch of Action 2015, a campaign to bring the world together to create the post Millennium Development Goals. World Vision is working to help children around the world achieve their full potential and make sure that they are well represented in the new sustainable development framework. External Relations Manager Geeta writes that her New Year's resolution is to raise her voice and let our leaders know they have the gift to make 2015 a year of action for children. They must act.

New start for earthquake survivors

Five years ago today a massive earthquake struck Haiti and displaced more than 1.5 million people. Ahead of the anniversary Haiti, Jean-Wickens Merone visits Adeline and her three children, one of the families that World Vision helped to find a fresh start.

A decade on - the Boxing Day tsunami

A decade ago today, a massive undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami that affected 12 countries and took the lives of more than 230,000 people. In response to the disaster World Vision launched its largest ever relief operation across five countries simultaneously. Ten years on, we’ve gathered a collection of stories from staff and survivors to tell you the tale of destruction, loss, and rebuilding.

Second chances: a pipe of hope during Typhoon Hagupit

Who would have thought that a construction pipe could save the lives of families twice in a row? Luz Mendoza, World Vision Philippines' Deputy Operations Director, describes a chance encounter with an old colleague who sheltered in an abandoned construction pipe with a dozen other families to escape the wreckage of Typhoon Hagupit.