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New Year 2021: Resolution of gratitude

5 years ago, charity worker Tabeth’s life turned upside down. Discover how, despite the trials of 2020, she’s looking forward to what 2021 has to offer, with gratitude.

Being together, apart

World Vision UK's Nina Castree explores ways to keep connected with those outside our "bubbles".

A view from the other side : refugees in the West

As the Pope dedicates today to remembering the many children and families fleeing conflict and seeking safety around the world, our Senior Child Rights Policy Advisor Erica Hall writes about her own experiences opening her home and her heart to refugees, and why there is always room for one more.

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.

World Vision among top ten UK charities to work for

World Vision UK has been hailed as a top charity by its workforce, climbing to ninth place in the Sunday Times’ prestigious ‘Best 100 Not-for-Profit Organisations’ list.

Preparing for the worst

World Vision’s Bert Smit travels to Malawi to visit the Area Development Programme that has been supported by World Vision UK sponsors since 1997. Speaking with community members, many express concerns at the erratic rainfall due to El Nino, leaving them with crops that will not grow. Discussing solutions to the problem, such as drought-resistant seeds, Bert speaks with the community to see how they can better prepare themselves.

The untold story

Melany Markham reflects on the difficulties faced by communicators working in South Sudan, when trying to tell the story of thousands of children facing a humanitarian catastrophe. From constraints on taking photographs, to tackling the huge distances between camps, the challenges are numerous but mask an important story that needs to be told.

What happens when girls flee conflict zones

World Vision Communicator, Patricia Mouamar, reports on the dangers facing many refugee girls fleeing conflict zones, and reflects on her own experiences growing up in 1980s Lebanon. She meets some of the Syrian refugee girls, whose lives were being stunted by early marriage and child labour.

Tackling Child Marriage on International Children’s Day

Rob Henderson reflects on a stark reality for millions of girls and boys across the world who fall prey to early marriage, some having children while just children themselves. He looks at the role of World Vision workshops, that are helping children like 16-year-old Nilanjona escape from early marriage so that she can stay in education and makes choices for herself…

The future in the eyes of Lema

Lara Ghaoui, Emergency Programme Officer, recently travelled to Central African Republic to see how conflict was affecting our projects there. She met Lema, a proud father who works in our office there, and was left speechless when he told her about how he escaped the fighting.

An evacuation into Congo, a satellite phone and worlds colliding

Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor Johan Eldebo describes being recently evacuated from Central African Republic due to fighting nearby, and how this has strengthened his resolve to work with people living in the world's most difficult places.

Reconciliation after Ebola

World Vision's Stefanie Glinski recently travelled to Sierra Leone to meet Frances - a 10-year-old girl orphaned by Ebola. As the country is declared Ebola-free, Stefanie found that many survivors like Frances still carry the stigma of the disease.

Restoring pride to Tacloban

Two years since Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, Chris Weeks returns to see how Tacloban, a city that bore the brunt of the destruction, was faring as it continues to recover. He found countless painful memories, streets where every household had lost a family member, but also a fresh sense of hope…

Amanda Redman's trip to Nepal

Helicopter wrangler and boom operator? All part of the job when you're determined to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese people, six months after the earthquake. Siân Merrylees, celebrity media specialist, explains…

Mothers coming together

As we approach six-months since the earthquake that shook Nepal, Media Specialist Carina Wint has spent a week in one of the hardest hit regions near Kathmandu, seeing how our work in the area has inspired a group of mothers to start their own centre - caring for orphaned and trafficked children.

Global Goals - the world's new 'to do' list

Last week global leaders, Hollywood stars and even the Pope joined together in New York to celebrate the new set of global goals for the world. Head of Policy Gavin Crowden, gives his view on why the goals are needed and why it's so important that they leave no child behind.

A mother's tears

World Vision Photojournalist Laura Reinhardt spent time at the Serbia-Hungary border this week, meeting refugees and hearing their stories as they wait in limbo. She spoke to mother-of-three Kenaz, who explained how she desperate she is for her husband in Sweden to meet their new son Noor and to reunite the family.

Peaceful in the treetops

World Vision's Suzy Sainovski recently visited in a friend in Lebanon. While she was there, they released an owl back into the wild, who had previously been mistreated, amid sounds of bombing from nearby Syria. This juxtaposition of peace and war invited Suzy to reflect on the futility of conflict.

Why we're diving for World Vision

As part of Remember A Charity In Your Will week, four plucky ladies from our Supporter Care team will be jumping out of a plane to keep company with Brian Phillips - one of our Ambassadors, who will be writing his will mid-air. Our brave women are themselves raising money for children in South Sudan, and as the jump approaches next week, we find out what's motivating them to take the plunge.

Action 2015 | Fighting for an end to child marriage

Senior Child Rights Programme Adviser Tracy Shields reflects on the tragedy of child marriage prior to her visit to Malawi - where 50% of girls under 18 fall prey to the practice. However, a worldwide remedy may come in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals and the pledge to 'eliminate all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage' by 2030.