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A world of firsts: clean water is just the start

Child sponsorship opened a world of firsts for Isata.
forever when clean water flowed in her Sierra Leone village for the first time. Her

Coronavirus: World Vision's fight to stop the spread

World Vision’s Global Lead for Health & Nutrition explains how, in the middle of a medical emergency, our teams are protecting families vulnerable to coronavirus.

Empowering Girls

We actively empower girls and women throughout our work, fighting against discrimination, abuse and oppression. We work together with community leaders, teachers, families and the girls themselves, to provide support and awareness ensuring they have equal access to healthcare, education and the promise of a brighter future.

Empowering Girls

Make life better for girls in some of the world’s hardest places. Find out how your donation can change the future for girls in Africa, Asia and across the world.

Story of Hope

Story of Hope is an immersive experience created by World Vision to tell an engaging story of 12-year-old Isata and her family in rural Sierra Leone.
Isata and her family in rural Sierra Leone. The interactive experience gives shoppers a … after the support of World Vision. Rural Sierra Leone is also bought to life through interactive

Village of Hope

Visit Village of Hope.
Isata and her family in rural Sierra Leone. The interactive experience gives shoppers a … support from World Vision. Rural Sierra Leone is also bought to life through interactive

World Vision Weaves a Week for Women in Croydon

International charity World Vision is launching a Week for Women with a unique weaving event at Croydon’s Whitgift Shopping Centre on Wednesday 7 March. The week will celebrate women’s selfless contribution to families and communities in the lead up to Mothering Sunday this weekend.
will help young children make colourful Sierra Leone bookmarks for Mothering Sunday in … The two African huts recreate the home of a Sierra Leonean family. The first shows how families in

Weaving their own stories

Kadie, 35, has two children, and used to struggle every single day. But thanks to a World Vision supported empowerment project, the future looks brighter for Kadie and her family.
 weaving project in Sierra Leone. Many women in rural parts of the country

DIY Woven Bookmark

Here you can read about how to make a woven bookmark – it’s a great project for beginners and is a lot of fun to make!

Sierra Leone mudslide: World Vision distributes 4,000,000 water purification tablets

World Vision supports survivors of tragic mudslide in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma has declared a … Sierra Leone. The charity will give … the World Vision Sierra Leone national director

Sierra Leone mudslide: World Vision targets children in rescue effort

More than 300 people have been killed and hundreds more are still missing after torrential rains on the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown
planning for a wide scale response to the Sierra Leone mudslide … organisations are working closely with the Sierra Leone government on emergency response plans.

Journey of Hope

World Vision’s Journey of Hope, a truly engaging story for you and the family. Walk in the shoes of 8-year-old Ayie and her mother Miatta and get a real understanding of what life is like in rural Sierra Leone.
Isata and her family in rural Sierra Leone. The first hut depicts the family’s

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
He sponsors a child with World Vision in Sierra Leone. … McGovern Elizabeth sponsors Jestina in Sierra Leone and in 2013 she travelled to Africa to meet

Sierra Leone: UK must commit existing funds to child protection as cases of sex abuse rise

Sierra Leone: World Vision urges UK government to commit funds to child protection as cases of sexual abuse rise
to ensure that existing resources for Sierra Leone are used to combat the increase in cases of … Vision UK team that recently travelled to Sierra Leone has called on the Department for

Protecting children | Stopping sexual abuse in Sierra Leone

Two weeks ago, World Vision's Rob Henderson stepped off a plane and into a wall of humid, hot air in Sierra Leone. The reason for his visit was to show Mike Kane, former shadow minister for DFID, some of the successful work the UK helped to fund during the Ebola crisis, as well as to highlight the growing issue of sexual abuse...
hot air in Sierra Leone. As I slowly shuffled through … of the stories I was about to hear. For me Sierra Leone is one of those countries that I thought I

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.
Sierra Leone and the Eastern DRC.  In each of these

"My children used to have to work" | Saving in the time of Ebola

10-year-old Fatmata was terrified when Ebola came to her village. Not only did it personally affect her, but the impact of closed schools and lost livelihoods were felt all across Sierra Leone. However, thanks to a mixture of radio lessons and savings groups, education was made to be accessible and affordable, in spite of the situation…
and lost livelihoods were felt all across Sierra Leone.

"Regina has been alone since the death of her parents" | Coping with stigma in Sierra Leone

11-year-old Regina sits in front of her small mud house, wearing a colourful yellow dress that stands out against the grey backdrop. She leans against the wall next to her grandmother, who is balancing a little boy on her lap, but who can barely walk anymore. It has been just over a year since her parents died and Regina remembers that time as if it were yesterday…

World Vision garden wins gold medal at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

World Vision UK’s garden at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (HCPFS) has won the coveted gold medal today.
work in Sierra Leone throughout the Ebola crisis. He hopes that … contemplate the uncertainty of life.  Sierra Leone is one of the three countries that were

The rise & fall of Ebola | Reflections on our World Vision garden

Award-winning garden designer John Warland created the World Vision garden that recently won a silver-gilt award at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show. A long-term child sponsor of Ronald in Bolivia, this year John wanted to create a garden that reflected the positive impact of World Vision's work. Ahead of Hampton Court RHS Show this summer, he explains the concepts that bring the garden together…