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Hunger in Zimbabwe | Elida’s story of El Nino

This year’s poor rains and drought from El Nino have greatly affected the lives of 12-year old Elida, her two brothers, Christopher, 21, William, 16, and their grandmother, Emma. With the help of World Vision, Elida and her family have been receiving food packs from our office, provided by child sponsors to reach the most vulnerable families.

When the water dries up: Helping Zimbabweans through El Niño

Without thinking, Bert Smit went to wash his hands after a meal. No water came out of the tap. This really hit home how desperate the situation in Zimbabwe has become as El Nino-related drought grips the country. Thankfully, working for World Vision, Bert knew the difference we are making...

Goodwood festival comes fashionably to life as event puts World Vision project on spotlight

One of the most exciting and glamorous days on the horse racing calendar, is now just a day away.

How bicycles have rescued girls in Zimbabwe

Our Saramine Mukute was excited to be visiting Zimbabwe. Not just because she grew up in such a beautiful country, but because of the challenge that lay ahead of her - she was going to see how World Vision is helping thousands of girls in rural Zimbabwe access education and it involved a bicycle ride…

Southern African countries declare "regional disaster" as new report warns of increase in cases of sexual violence

World Vision UK has today called for urgent funds to help support countries in Southern Africa as millions face food shortages due to a massive El Niño-induced drought.

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads | Educating girls in Zimbabwe

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads - just a few of the things improving life in Sanzukwi ADP in Zimbabwe. When sponsor Claire Bardsley visited, she saw signs of drought and hardship, but also signs of encouragement and hope...

A future full of hope for Pamela and her friends

  Pamela is 16 and lives in a village in Sanzukwe with her mum and dad. For children like

El Nino Update

In 2016, the recurring El Niño phenomenon is expected to have its strongest effect for 50 years. The 2015-2016 El Niño may have passed peak season, but its influence will continue to be felt through weather systems across the world and throughout the year.
to be carried out in Zimbabwe. In our Sanzukwe ADP we distributed food rations to affected


Pray for Sanzukwe A man in the neighbourhood abused

Elephants, Geckos and Rough Roads in Zimbabwe

Samantha shares Days 2 to 4 of her trip to Zimbabwe.

Big Changes in Zimbabwe… But Still No McDonalds

Samantha Turvey, an enthusiastic World Vision supporter, is in Zimbabwe with her family and is blogging about her experiences and how this amazing country has changed since her last trip 6 years ago.