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Easter: Food and prayer

Discover why Simnel cake was good for you. Find out how we boost children’s nutrition now and join us in an Easter prayer.
thanks to extra nutrition. An Easter prayer Easter reminds … cake was useful to boost nutrition. … paste that will help them recover from malnutrition in Angola.

A winning partnership: World Food Programme & World Vision

In December 2020 the WFP received the Nobel Peace Prize. See how their work has helped millions of vulnerable children throughout our 30-year partnership with them.
work a step further when treating acute malnutrition in small children. World Vision in Sudan

World Vision mobilising for a humanitarian response in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

International aid agency, World Vision, has appealed to donors for US$10 million in additional funding, as it launched its humanitarian response to the crisis in the conflict-affected Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Child hunger: Why do children go hungry?

Why are children going hungry in 2020? World Vision explores why it happens, the effects of malnutrition on children and ways to support vulnerable families.
takes part in a nutrition session with her baby. Child hunger in the … nutritional … day after they were diagnosed with severe malnutrition There are many forms of malnutrition. In

World Food Day 2020: When food is more than a meal

Visit a community kitchen at the heart of one of the largest refugee camps. Food is more than a meal: Girls like Raju can enjoy time with mum, good food and learning.

COVID-19 could force over 19 million people into famine

More than 19 million people, including 10 million children, are at risk of famine in 12 of the world’s most fragile countries, World Vision warns.
of people facing starvation and severe malnutrition in these countries has increased by 50 per


Together Amen - August 2020 - 1
helping the family to fight hunger and malnutrition.

Coronavirus in South Sudan: fragile life under pressure

From genocide to pandemic: World Vision South Sudan's Emilienne Cyuzuzo is helping vulnerable families facing COVID-19.
leads to inadequate food and rampant malnutrition among

12-year-old fights COVID-19 in refugee camp

12-year-old refugee Priscillia, in the DRC, is trying to protect her friends and family from the coronavirus pandemic.

Child sponsorship FAQs

and helping with healthcare and nutrition. And while this is


Together Amen - July 2020
leaving children at risk from malnutrition or even child marriage. Prayers to survive


Together Amen - July 2020 - 2

Facing coronavirus in refugee camps: "You can't run from this"

How can you maintain social distancing in a camp of crowded tents? How do you wash your hands regularly when the queue for the water point is long?
have to face a choice between malnutrition and

South Sudan’s children face combined risks: poverty, malnutrition and COVID-19 

Here we meet Paska, an extraordinary girl, who has become carer to her three younger siblings at the age of just 11. 
months Paska has dutifully taken her to a nutrition centre for treatment.  … The nutrition centre in Juba is supported by World … affected keeps growing. Coronavirus vs malnutrition Now a new danger looms. South Sudan’s


Together Amen - June 2020
health conditions such as malaria or malnutrition. And this makes them more vulnerable to

Coronavirus: World Vision launches £64m global response

International aid agency World Vision has launched a £64m aid plan to help millions of the world’s most vulnerable people defeat coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Lives of 30 million children in danger from secondary effects

Thirty million children’s lives are in danger because of the secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new report from World Vision warns.
decreased immunisations and a rise in malnutrition. The report demonstrates that the

Coronavirus: The expert view on… Refugees

World Vision's Humanitarian Health, Nutrition and WASH Director examines the impact coronavirus could have on the global refugee population.
Humanitarian Health Nutrition and WASH Director. As you do all you can

Coronavirus response

Your donation today will help us continue to keep the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities safe. Across the globe we are currently scaling up prevention measures in vulnerable communities.  

Coronavirus: The expert view from... the Philippines

World Vision's national director in the Philppines examines what the coronavirus pandemic means for the world's poorest communities, what we can do to slow it down and how we can support health workers, communities, families and children.
programs that seek to address acute malnutrition. Access to