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A mother's heart

World Vision communicator Annila Harris travelled to Nepal to meet some of the families caught in the aftermath of the earthquake. What she found, were mothers and children, heavily affected but struggling to rebuild their lives.
but a desperate reality that now faces the Nepalese people. Soon the picturesque … the mammoth loss suffered by the people of Nepal. In a … to tarnish the vivacious spirit of the Nepalese people. Upon arrival to her devastated

Concerns mount for children’s welfare as Nepal is hit by second major earthquake in two weeks

World Vision is concerned for children and communities already struggling in quake aftermath.
Vision teams are assessing the impact of Nepal’s latest earthquake on children after a … World Vision Nepal Earthquake Response Manager … for hundreds of children. World Vision's Nepal Earthquake Emergency Response has reached at

Nepal Earthquake Update

A year on, our role in Nepal is moving from emergency aid into recovery work. With a focus on health, livelihoods and education, and continuing to meet basic needs, we'll support communities to get back on their feet and provide an environment where children are safe and protected. We will be helping vulnerable families and communities to re-establish their livelihoods and businesses. We're repairing and reconstructing schools, health posts and WASH facilities in Nepal’s worst-hit districts.
2015 | Sunjuli Kunwar | World Vision Nepal Earthquake On 25 April … communities in Nepal were left in shock after a huge magnitude … for people affected by the earthquake in Nepal. You can continue to support us by giving

Runa stands up from the ruins

19-year-old Runa was on her roof hanging laundry when the earthquake struck last weekend, but thankfully she and her family all survived. Their home, and everything in it, however, were not so lucky.
WV Nepal emergency communications officer In the

Children in need of shelter

A week after the earthquake that rocked Nepal last Saturday, shelter is becoming an increasingly urgent need for children like Sandhhya and Sayan and their families.
Communications Specialist World Vision Nepal the earthquake has left over one million Nepalis homeless. World Vision has distributed

When losing your house means losing everything

Seven-year-old Aaram and his family lost their house in the earthquake, and are now living in one of the many makeshift camps in Kathmandu. Children are especially vulnerable in these situations, and World Vision has begun opening Child Friendly Spaces to keep them safe and protected.
World Vision Nepal Kaanchi and her husband are very worried … says Kaanchi. Nepal has long been plagued by issues of child … the earthquake has left over one million Nepalis homeless. World Vision has distributed

Sitting through the aftershocks

World Vision's Sunjuli Kumar Singh describes the current situation near Kathmandu, Nepal, where people affected by the earthquake are staying in tents.
By Sunjuli Kunwar World Vision Nepal Emergency Communicator People of Nepal sit … for other parents and their children around Nepal. We just ate outside in the dark and are

DEC Launches Nepal Earthquake Appeal

to help survivors of the devastating Nepal earthquake. The DEC Nepal Earthquake … others watching the shocking images from Nepal over the last few … Nepalese are a resilient people but this

Nepal Earthquake: World Vision first responders to get a first look at remote villages hit by quake

Today World Vision teams began coordinating aid efforts to assist those impacted by the 7.8 magnitude quake that struck Nepal.
Experts had long warned Nepal is extremely vulnerable to quakes World … Operations Director in Nepal.   World Vision has sent a team to … many villages and towns in Nepal are simply not prepared for earthquakes of

World Vision mobilises staff and resources to help communities In Nepal hit by earthquake today

World Vision is mobilising staff and resources to assist communities impacted by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal.
ground to provide relief assistance to the Nepal response. The most immediate need is … The Nepal government has declared a state of emergency … to rise. Up to 4 million people around Nepal may be impacted.  World Vision’s

World Vision is responding to a powerful 7.9 earthquake

World Vision is responding to a powerful 7.9 earthquake that struck Nepal early Saturday morning.
dead in powerful earthquake that struck Nepal early Saturday.   Buildings and walls … World Vision Country director for Nepal. … World Vision Nepal’s Operation Director

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