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Fragility & Resilience

World Vision works with communities to help them help themselves by becoming more resilient to natural & man-made disasters.
Nepal and more

Quenching thirst: Restoring clean water in post-quake Nepal

Almost a year on from the series of earthquakes that shook Nepal last April, World Vision has been working hard to restore safety, healthcare and dignity to children and families still in need. Deprived of clean water and proper sanitation in the aftermath, 16-year-old Arun marks World Water Day by telling us how his family is now enjoying the benefits, with the support of World Vision...
on from the series of earthquakes that shook Nepal last … clean water is still a challenge in many of Nepal’s … our Nepal Emergency Response WASH Advisor. In the

Pancakes around the world

While not every country celebrates Shrove Tuesday, pancakes and flatbreads form a staple diet in many of the countries we work in. Whether it's lunchtime pancakes in the Philippines enjoyed by Kenneth and his friends, or 'injera' flatbread eaten by siblings Dawit and Fikeraddis in Ethiopia, we're taking a look at how this simple treat is eaten around the world.
says their mother Hasmik. Nepal Nepal. Like many Nepalese … and were active both in responding to the Nepal quake last

Staying warm in Nepal

As winter descends on Nepal, World Vision was on hand to distribute winter and baby kits - containing warm clothes, blankets and hats, to young mothers feeling the ongoing effects of the earthquake recovery. In Sindupalchowk, one of the worst affected areas near Kathmandu, mothers with young children were grateful for the much-needed warm clothes and the reassurance they provide.
As winter set in in Nepal this … our ongoing relief effort by visiting our Nepal Update Page.

Behind closed doors

17-year-old Dia* had her whole life ahead of her. But when family circumstances changed she found herself being manipulated by somebody close to the family, who coerced her into becoming a sex-worker. Now safely at a rehabilitation centre, Annila Harris met Dia to hear her story

Our pumpkin carriage tour | Carve a Heart 2015

Hot on the trail of our Carve a Heart pumpkin carriage, PR Natalie blogs about the journey as she travels around the country this week. She's urging Britons to carve a heart in their pumpkins this year, and turn a night of fear into a night of hope.
whose home was destroyed in the Nepal earthquake in April and Srey from Cambodia

The difference shelter makes

Nine-year-old Sujita is still terrified when she remembers the two major tremors that shook her home in Nepal, forcing her family to sleep outside in the open. But thanks to World Vision distributions in her area, Sujita and her family can at least sleep safely under proper shelter while they wait for normality to return.
sleeping in the open. With the monsoon in Nepal meaning rain almost every … more about our relief effort by visiting our Nepal Update Page.

Nepal Earthquake six months on: Over 400,000 desperate for shelter as winter approaches and fuel shortages hamper relief efforts

Hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal are still in need of adequate shelter six months after the earthquake that killed an estimated 8,500 and injured another 20,000. The earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April, along with a series of aftershocks, devastated the lives of more than 2.8 million people.
Hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal are still in need of adequate shelter six … The earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 … Nepal Earthquake Response … the latest Nepal Earthquake UNOCHA report states that an

World turned upside down

Six-year-old Abishek was severely affected by the Nepal earthquake that devastated his home district of Sindupalchowk back in April of this year. Hundreds of schools were damaged beyond repair and many children, including Abishek, were out of education for the months that followed.
Abishek was severely affected by the Nepal earthquake that devastated his home district … children affected by the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015. The district where he

Amanda Redman's trip to Nepal

Helicopter wrangler and boom operator? All part of the job when you're determined to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese people, six months after the earthquake. Siân Merrylees, celebrity media specialist, explains…
to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese … The first hint that our trip to Nepal might not go as … Nepal Earthquake Response Communications … which would mark the reconstruction of Nepal six months after the catastrophic earthquake

Mothers coming together

As we approach six-months since the earthquake that shook Nepal, Media Specialist Carina Wint has spent a week in one of the hardest hit regions near Kathmandu, seeing how our work in the area has inspired a group of mothers to start their own centre - caring for orphaned and trafficked children.
Vision UK  The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 devastated hundreds of thousands … when the earthquakes and aftershocks hit Nepal. I visited one of the worst affected

Global Goals - the world's new 'to do' list

Last week global leaders, Hollywood stars and even the Pope joined together in New York to celebrate the new set of global goals for the world. Head of Policy Gavin Crowden, gives his view on why the goals are needed and why it's so important that they leave no child behind.
children in Nepal

Engaging youth for change

Ahead of the DFID summit on the Sustainable Development Goals this weekend, Child Rights Policy Officer Madeleine Askham explains how workshops helping youth to recognise barriers that are holding them back, can become key drivers that challenge inequality and lack of opportunity.
child empowerment projects in countries like Nepal or Somalia. Young people take part in an

World Humanitarian Day: Massive challenges ahead as over 78 million people across 37 countries require humanitarian assistance

On World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to staff on the ground as our humanitarian aid workers share their thoughts.
the Syrian conflict and Nepal’s recent

The Communicator as Humanitarian

In her time at World Vision, Cecil Laguardia has worked in some of the most disaster-prone regions of the world. Here, she reflects on the unique requirements of her job and how she draws inspiration from the people she works with.
to the Syrian refugee crisis and Nepal’s recent

The joy of being a sponsor

Buddha Gurung travels to Albania to meet the little girl, Liza, who he sponsors with World Vision UK


Two years after she trekked through the Himalayas on holiday, Emergency Programme Officer Lara returned to Nepal as part of World Vision's earthquake response. She was afraid to see the smiles wiped from the faces, but instead found remarkable levels of grace and resilience.
by the beauty and grandeur of the nature in Nepal. I was greeted by every single family I … a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. The earthquake ravaged whole

A love letter to Nepal

World Vision Communicator Crislyn Felisilda always wanted to travel to Nepal, but never dreamed it would be as part of the global response to an earthquake. Torn between scenes of destruction and beauty, it was the resilience and spirit of the people that made a lasting impression.
Nepal I’d planned to visit Nepal as a backpacker … to me. But when the earth powerfully shook Nepal three months … takes six hours to reach one district. Since Nepal is filled with giant

Nepal Earthquake three months on: New report raises concerns over children’s psychological health

New World Vision joint report raises concerns over children’s psychological health.
to launch the Nepal Children’s Consultation Report which … Nepal Earthquake Response Operations Manager Admir … have been prevented since the earthquake in Nepal. This is a cause of concern for

Shaking school safety

With ambitions to one day become a doctor, 12-year-old Muskan was looking forward to returning to school after a short break. But sadly she and her friends will have to wait. The earthquake that shook Nepal over the last few weeks had a devastating effect on her school building; with classrooms destroyed and much of the building deemed too unsafe to enter. Muskan describes how it feels to live with the uncertainty that the earthquake has brought.
will have to wait. The earthquake that shook Nepal three weeks ago had a devastating effect on … homeless by the earthquake. Through our Nepal Earthquake