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A world of firsts: Transformed by sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored child helped Saru in Nepal to build a brighter future, out of poverty. Now 20, she’s helping the next generation in her community.
type of spicy and tangy Nepali … organisation of World Vision International Nepal. Because she has received training on child

Coronavirus: How World Vision is putting children at the heart of its crisis response

World Vision is putting children at the centre of its response effort after finding children have been left isolated and fearful by the COVID-19 outbreak.

World Vision aid worker wins prestigious 'Humanitarian of the Year' award

Christine Ngbaazande from South Sudan has been awarded a coveted humanitarian honor at the Bond International Development Awards in London.
Nepal and a fellow humanitarian from South Sudan.

Charities launch new Compact to help eliminate orphanages worldwide, echoing UK Government’s landmark commitment

The UK Government became the first major donor of its kind to explicitly pledge support for family and community-based care for all children.
Forget Me Not Australia Next Generation Nepal One Sky Foundation Global Initiative to

The only ring on young girls' minds should be from the school bell

Every year, 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married - but how can we stop it? It takes a world.
like Samia and Tuli. In countries such as Nepal and

Monsoon floods: World Vision warns of spike in child malnutrition

World Vision warns of spike in malnutrition as Bangladesh, India and Nepal grapple with worst monsoon rains in 20 years
India and Nepal. Kunal … Monsoon rains have also devastated parts of Nepal. Half a million people have been … Director of World Vision International Nepal said

Nepal’s President supports campaign to end child marriage

Nepal’s President launches World Vision campaign to end child marriage
Experts say Nepal currently has the third highest rate of … the legal age of marriage in Nepal is 20 for both men and … practiced in both rural and urban areas of Nepal.

Nepal’s young disaster managers

In the case of an earthquake, Swosthani, 14, from Nepal and her classmates know what to do. She is no longer afraid and has joined a World Vision school club that ensures children in the community are safe.

Mental health, at home and abroad

As humanitarian emergencies continue to unfold around the world, children are increasingly exposed to violence and other experiences that leave them in desperate need of psychological first aid.

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
she travelled with us to Nepal to see our work following the devastating … trip to Nepal

Going for gold: Sports and sponsorship changing lives in Bangladesh

Giving girls access to sport is a great way of building confidence and a sense of empowerment. With the help of a World Vision football project, 14-year-old sponsored child Kolpona has hit the ground running, winning trophies and medals and dreaming of becoming a world-class footballer. Despite living in a poor community in central Bangladesh, Kolpona is optimistic about her future and sees new opportunities emerging…
mates were given the opportunity to go to Nepal to play in the

Breaking the rules | Improving nutrition and encouraging girls into sport in Nepal

Sumina’s mother was adamant: football was not for girls who should be doing household chores. But once she changed her mind, the benefits of the game and the World Vision-recommended diet were clear for her daughter and many other girls in the community...
help support the most vulnerable children in Nepal and help to give them safety and

From earth-shaking to high-flying | Helping Nepal's children to stand up and move on

When disaster hits, children are always among the most vulnerable, and not only in the initial crisis. In the days, weeks and months following an emergency, children can be disproportionately hit by after effects such as hunger, disease, emotional trauma and exploitation - particularly if they've lost their home or caregivers...
Back in control Durgab is 15 and lives in Nepal. … Communities in Nepal were left in shock after a magnitude 7.8

Working with DFID to stop child marriage in Nepal

At the Girl Summit in 2014, leaders and organisations from around the world came together and pledged to end child marriage. Today in South-eastern Nepal, World Vision and the UK government are working together to make this goal come true.
Nepal. Hem recalls that she was not as … put an end to child marriage. The project in Nepal is funded by the UK

John Warland | RHS Shows

John Warland is a World Vision child sponsor and award winning garden designer. John created the World Vision garden that will be at the Chelsea and Hampton Court RHS Shows this summer.
year's theme turns to the aftermath of the Nepalese earthquake and the Ebola crisis in Sierra … looks back at the fortitude of the people of Nepal and Sierra

Health closer to home: Restoring healthcare in Nepal

In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, many remote communities were left without access to healthcare, with health posts being completely or partially destroyed. In the year that’s followed, World Vision has helped in their restoration, so that nurses like Parbati can effectively reach out to communities and help to build and promote safe hygiene practices. We visit a recently renovated health centre in Ghorka, central Nepal, to see the difference it’s making…
Nepal Emergency Response In the aftermath of the … that rocked Nepal last … all drawn from one of the areas of Nepal that bore the brunt of the aftershocks in

One year after the Nepal earthquake children still feel frightened

Alongside concerns over living conditions and access to a safe and supportive education, children express feelings of fear and trauma that - if not dealt with - could affect their wellbeing in the future
districts in Nepal. The research released … one year after the Nepal Nepal Earthquake Response … For more information on World Vision's Nepal response listen to Premier

Building hope in Nepal

For many families in Nepal, the trauma of last year’s earthquake has been followed by uncertainty - with homes lying ruined, and the only option being temporary shelters made of wood and corrugated iron. Mother of nine, Ganga knows all about the damage the earthquake brought, now sharing a one-room shelter with her family. Worldvision’s Ankush Chalise visited one of the worst affected regions to hear how a training scheme for masons might be the answer, in making families’ like Ganga’s safe…
World Vision Nepal For many families in … facilities to benefit the most vulnerable in Nepal’s … to our rebuilding and rehabilitation work in Nepal

Building back better one year since Nepal quake

World Vision continues to work alongside families devastated by the Nepal quake which struck one year ago today, ensuring children remain safe and can look to the future.
to work alongside families devastated by the Nepal quake which struck one year ago … Nepal Earthquake Response … we strive to build Nepal back


World Vision is committed to being fully transparent & responsible to the children & communities served especially where advocacy is concerned.
Nepal and Pakistan. Lessons from the pilots are … has now been addressed for all projects. Nepal DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY … The Accountability Learning Initiative in Nepal built on learning lessons from the emergency