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World Vision joins DEC appeal to raise urgent funds for Indonesia tsunami survivors

The members of the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) launched the joint fundraising appeal today to raise vital funds for the survivors of the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.
to help people devastated by conflict and natural disasters. World Vision was among the first to

It Takes A World

Girls should be in school, not marriage. Yet every 60 seconds, 23 girls will be forced to marry men, often double or even triple their age. And those at highest risk are in countries dealing with devastating emergencies. Will you take a minute to speak out against this horrible act?
natural disasters and epidemics. Around 535 million

World Vision launches emergency response to Kerala floods

International aid agency World Vision is rushing emergency supplies to India’s Kerala state, where hundreds have been killed and 800,000 displaced by devastating floods.

Modern slavery commitment: “Do not forget children in emergencies”, World Vision urges UK government

World Vision UK responds to the latest commitment by the UK government to help eradicate modern slavery in the Commonwealth.

World Vision UK launches 2017 Impact Report as charity launches two aid delivery mechanisms

International children’s charity, World Vision UK has today published a new report detailing the impact of its work in 2017.

World Vision ready to respond to devastating earthquake in Iraq

World Vision humanitarian staff are on standby to respond to a massive 7.3 earthquake centred on the Iraq-Iran border that killed more than 200 people on Sunday.
emergencies caused by earthquakes and other natural disasters. World Vision currently has 255 staff

World Vision scales up plans to set up protection centres for children in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

International children’s charity World Vision is scaling up efforts to establish safe spaces to help children come to terms with loss in hurricane-ravaged Haiti.

Breaking the rules | Improving nutrition and encouraging girls into sport in Nepal

Sumina’s mother was adamant: football was not for girls who should be doing household chores. But once she changed her mind, the benefits of the game and the World Vision-recommended diet were clear for her daughter and many other girls in the community...

Working with DFID to stop child marriage in Nepal

At the Girl Summit in 2014, leaders and organisations from around the world came together and pledged to end child marriage. Today in South-eastern Nepal, World Vision and the UK government are working together to make this goal come true.

World Vision garden wins gold medal at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

World Vision UK’s garden at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (HCPFS) has won the coveted gold medal today.
communities are hit by natural disasters or outbreaks of disease

Women supporting women | Linking empowerment and resilience in Myanmar

How can we minimise the impacts of a natural disaster? WVUK’s Rachel Canclini Kettle travelled to Myanmar to see how our work was helping communities to do just that; through early warning systems, laying cement roads and forming savings groups so that women of the community can support each other with money and resources. Rachel felt lucky to have been able to visit and see the impact our work is having…
build their resilience to climate change and natural disasters. The project overlaps with our existing and

Building hope in Nepal

For many families in Nepal, the trauma of last year’s earthquake has been followed by uncertainty - with homes lying ruined, and the only option being temporary shelters made of wood and corrugated iron. Mother of nine, Ganga knows all about the damage the earthquake brought, now sharing a one-room shelter with her family. Worldvision’s Ankush Chalise visited one of the worst affected regions to hear how a training scheme for masons might be the answer, in making families’ like Ganga’s safe…
that can reduce the impact of any future natural disasters. In addition to training and constructing

Fragility & Resilience

World Vision works with communities to help them help themselves by becoming more resilient to natural & man-made disasters.

Staying warm in Nepal

As winter descends on Nepal, World Vision was on hand to distribute winter and baby kits - containing warm clothes, blankets and hats, to young mothers feeling the ongoing effects of the earthquake recovery. In Sindupalchowk, one of the worst affected areas near Kathmandu, mothers with young children were grateful for the much-needed warm clothes and the reassurance they provide.

Fear of the dragon's tail

In Cambodia, the threat of tropical cyclones and huge downpours are very real for local communities. Not only does bad weather damage houses and submerge rice fields, it forces people to swim to higher ground. Along the border, children and families often have to cross into Vietnam to reach safety. But through a World Vision initiative, houses are now being built on higher ground and community groups are giving children like Phan and Srey the tools to stay safe when the floodwaters come.

Going the extra mile

Two years since Typhoon Haiyan came to the Philippines, response workers like Meldred have been working hard to restore normality to people’s lives. The typhoon destroyed homes and livelihoods, and for many people with disabilities, it has also left them feeling even more isolated. When Meldred met Joey, a young man struggling to lead an independent life despite his disability, she knew she could make a difference...

Restoring pride to Tacloban

Two years since Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, Chris Weeks returns to see how Tacloban, a city that bore the brunt of the destruction, was faring as it continues to recover. He found countless painful memories, streets where every household had lost a family member, but also a fresh sense of hope…

The difference shelter makes

Nine-year-old Sujita is still terrified when she remembers the two major tremors that shook her home in Nepal, forcing her family to sleep outside in the open. But thanks to World Vision distributions in her area, Sujita and her family can at least sleep safely under proper shelter while they wait for normality to return.

Amanda Redman's trip to Nepal

Helicopter wrangler and boom operator? All part of the job when you're determined to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese people, six months after the earthquake. Siân Merrylees, celebrity media specialist, explains…

Mothers coming together

As we approach six-months since the earthquake that shook Nepal, Media Specialist Carina Wint has spent a week in one of the hardest hit regions near Kathmandu, seeing how our work in the area has inspired a group of mothers to start their own centre - caring for orphaned and trafficked children.