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Too Young

In the recent crisis, caused by escalating violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, over 500,000 people have crossed the border into Bangladesh, more than half are women and children.  An estimated one in five are pregnant or breastfeeding women. Another one in five are children under five. The refugees have had to travel on risky roads with no food, water and little rest. There is little access to clean water or nutritious food for the pregnant women in the densely populated refugee camps.
caused by escalating violence in Myanmar from Myanmar Myanmaryou can support our appeal for refugees from Myanmar

In Bangladesh's refugee camps, childhoods are being lost

Somsida is only 11 years old, but already she's seen and experienced far too much.
a child refugee who fled violence in Myanmar. She currently lives in a refugee camp in Ba… Myanmar over a month ago. Her mother…ase donate to help those in need through our Myanmar Refugee appeal.

World Vision joins DEC emergency appeal for people fleeing Myanmar

In recent weeks, more than half a million people have sought refuge in Bangladesh from violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The majority of them are women and children who identify as Rohingya.
f thousands of people fleeing their homes in Myanmar who are in urgent need of shelter…sought refuge in Bangladesh from violence in Myanmarupport their efforts to reach people fleeing Myanmar as well as their host communities in Banglad

Myanmar crisis: Concerns for children rise as refugee numbers hit 800,000

The number of refugees arriving in Bangladesh from Myanmar has now topped the 800,000 figure, international children's charity, World Vision has said.
mber of refugees arriving in Bangladesh from Myanmar has now topped the 800…n the number of desperate people fleeing the Myanmar conflict…s experts warn that the number of Myanmarese refugees sheltering in Bangladesh

Life In The Midst Of Unrest

Arfa fled with her family when violence erupted in Myanmar. The newborn had not been named; 19 days is all that had passed from the time his mother bundled him up, ready to cross the border into Bangladesh, but it seemed like an eternity.
s due to give birth when violence erupted in Myanmar. …ted children and families by donating to the Myanmar Refugee Appeal.

World Vision Launches Myanmar Refugee Appeal

World Vision Launches Myanmar Refugee Appeal
s charity World Vision is today launching a Myanmar refugee appeal to support over 225… have fled Myanmar since violence erupted on August 25. Mone… please donate to our Myanmar Refugee Appeal 2017

World Vision urges UK Government to ramp up refugee package in Bangladesh

World Vision has called on the UK government to urgently step up aid supplies to desperate refugees in Bangladesh.
hildren who have fled across the border from Myanmar are now languishing in terrible conditions. …saving aid in Myanmar. You can help children and their families a

Myanmar Refugee Appeal

Myanmar Refugee Appeal
Myanmar Refugee Appeal More than 300… Myanmar. Many have lost parents and are crossing the

Myanmar crisis: Jerome Flynn joins us in condemning violence affecting thousands of children

Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn has joined World Vision UK in strongly condemning the outbreak of horrific violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.
Flynn visited Myanmar earlier this year to see World Vision… seeking permission from authorities in both Myanmar and Bangladesh to respond to urgent needs of

The Seed - TIddim 2017 update

The Seed - TIddim 2017 update
Myanmar. When she was

The Seed - Amarapura 2017 update

The Seed Amarapaura 2017 update
Myanmar. When she was growing up

The Hidden Legacy of Sexual Violence in Conflict

Barely a week goes by that we do not hear new reports of sexual violence in war zones – in South Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Myanmar, Iraq and elsewhere. Sometimes these include the stories of survivors who have fought for justice, who are suffering stigma in their communities for the crime committed against them, who are struggling to rebuild their lives.

11 things you can do right now to help end violence against children

World Vision’s campaign ‘It takes a world to end violence against children’ was named because no one individual, group or organisation can solve this problem alone.
in Myanmar

Jerome Flynn faces the reality of violence against children in Myanmar

World Vision UK ambassador, Jerome Flynn, visited Myanmar to see our work and support the campaign #ItTakesAWorld to end violence against children. He met with street children, victims of trafficking and a former child solider.
without help from World Vision Myanmar visited Myanmar to see our work and support the campaign …t in evidence in Myanmar. Here he is visibly moved by the heartbreaki

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
Jerome Flynn in Myanmar Jerome Flynn visited Myanmar and saw how World Vision is helping former c

World Vision responds as earthquakes strike Myanmar and Italy

World Vision responds as earthquakes strike Myanmar and Italy killing scores of people.
measuring almost 80km deep has hit central Myanmar killing at least four people. Earlier this m…s likely to rise. World Vision staff in Myanmar were this afternoon shaken and recovering fr

May - the young footballer | A rising female star in Myanmar

13-year-old May was introduced to football at age nine – little did she know that she would be enrolled in an academy and winning prizes for her regional team just a few years later! Living in an impoverished community in Myanmar, World Vision supports May’s family by helping them with school materials, rice and mosquito nets.
Living in an impoverished community in Myanmar in Vietnam. Her team made Myanmar proud…s work in Myanmar started in the 1980s. In that time we…ity. To find out how you can help a child in Myanmar through our sponsorship programme

Women supporting women | Linking empowerment and resilience in Myanmar

How can we minimise the impacts of a natural disaster? WVUK’s Rachel Canclini Kettle travelled to Myanmar to see how our work was helping communities to do just that; through early warning systems, laying cement roads and forming savings groups so that women of the community can support each other with money and resources. Rachel felt lucky to have been able to visit and see the impact our work is having…
eastern Myanmartheir children. This was my first trip to Myanmar and my first field visit with World Vision. …eastern Myanmar. It… knowing that Myanmar

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