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Cyclone Idai

into Cyclone Idai. Idai made landfall in Mozambique on March … has been spreading through areas affected in Mozambique. Many children have been separated from

Cyclone Kenneth: World Vision on standby as second cyclone bears down on Mozambique

Aid agencies in Mozambique, including World Vision, are on stand-by to respond to a potentially lethal cyclone – the second to hit the country in two months.
Kenneth is due to make landfall in northern Mozambique this evening and has rapidly intensified … Mozambique

Cyclone Idai: The future is uncertain for children like Paulito

Paulito and his family survived Cyclone Idai. Now they face major concerns for their future.
in Mozambique It was here that Paulito’s

Cyclone Idai tears through Mozambique: Adelino's Story

Adelino has a beautiful smile, but when he speaks of Cyclone Idai which ripped apart his community - his world - his eyes betray the suffering he’s seen.
in Mozambique   Adelino has a beautiful

Cyclone Idai: It’s a race against time to reach everyone

Homes, schools and hospitals have been violently ripped apart in Beira.
which tore through Mozambique as well as neighbouring Zimbabwe and Malawi … it will be a long time before life in Mozambique goes back to normal. With diseases such as

Cyclone Idai: Crises can destroy children’s futures. We mustn’t look away

The full scale of the damage in Mozambique is unknown, but thousands of children are alone and vulnerable.

Cyclone Idai: Thousands of children alone and desperate in midst of catastrophe 

World Vision UK has reached the city of Beira, Mozambique which has been destroyed by the devastating Cyclone Idai. 

Cyclone Idai: Thousands of people could drown as dam burst risk looms

Hundreds of thousands of people "could drown" as dams in Mozambique and Zimbabwe could burst, following a devastating cyclone and flooding in southern Africa.
crop failures in several regions. In Mozambique as dams in Mozambique and Zimbabwe could

Cyclone Idai: World Vision launches appeal following catastrophic crisis in Southern Africa

Children’s charity World Vision UK has launched an appeal to bring urgent relief to thousands of people affected by a devastating cyclone across Southern Africa.
are trying to reach flooded areas in central Mozambique. Hundreds of thousands of people are … to be affected by the disaster in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai Appeal

A tropical cyclone has devastated countries across southern Africa, with flooding and heavy rains destroying homes and lives.
World Vision Mozambique Cyclone Idai swept through

World Vision ready to respond to devastating Mozambique cyclone

Emergency supplies have been rushed to Mozambique, where World Vision is preparing to respond to devastating Cyclone Idai.
healthcare units and schools in Mozambique have been … and child protection. World Vision Mozambique National

David’s trip to Mozambique

It was humbling to end the day being thanked by the community for the support World Vision has provided over the years. I now pass on a big thank you for to all of you who have faithfully supported our work here in Mozambique.
Mozambique is a country we don’t hear about in the … in Mozambique can partner more in the future. World Vision Mozambique does great work in the areas of

World Vision’s emergency teams on standby as fierce cyclone hits Mozambique and threatens floods across Southern Africa

World Vision, has warned that tropical cyclone Dineo which hit the shores of Mozambique on Wednesday evening will further exacerbate the food crisis situation across Southern Africa.
cyclone Dineo which hit the shores of Mozambique on Wednesday evening will further exacerbate … situation and a relief team is in place in Mozambique’s Gaza province where the charity is already

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
her first two years in refugee camps in Mozambique with others escaping the war in

Savings turning into food | Empowering women in Mozambique

A World Vision-supported savings group in Gaza province, southern Mozambique, is helping mothers like Esperança put food on the table for their children and grandchildren. Here, the majority of parents are struggling to feed their children due to the effects of drought that has devastated crops and left a trail of hunger in its wake…
explains. The latest reports from Mozambique indicate that around 1.5 million people from … insecurity related to El Nino. World Vision Mozambique has initiated its response

When the water dries up: Helping Zimbabweans through El Niño

Without thinking, Bert Smit went to wash his hands after a meal. No water came out of the tap. This really hit home how desperate the situation in Zimbabwe has become as El Nino-related drought grips the country. Thankfully, working for World Vision, Bert knew the difference we are making...
close to the border with Mozambique. I want to find out how World Vision works

Southern African countries declare "regional disaster" as new report warns of increase in cases of sexual violence

World Vision UK has today called for urgent funds to help support countries in Southern Africa as millions face food shortages due to a massive El Niño-induced drought.
while Mozambique has declared a

Drought in Mozambique | Protecting children from El Nino’s affects

Travelling through Western Mozambique, it immediately becomes obvious what the problem is. Large bridges pass over riverbeds that are completely devoid of water. Most of the fields were planted with maize, but the crops are yellow and withered. It is clear that the drought brought about by this year's El Niño phenomenon is having a big impact on this country. Bert Smit visits our Chioco Area Development Programme in Mozambique, a community that is supported by child sponsors from the UK…
a big impact on this country. I am in Mozambique to visit our Chioco Area Development … it through the droughts being caused across Mozambique and other countries without harm. 60

“I didn’t want to marry” | El Nino and child marriage in Mozambique

When El Nino brought drought to 14-year-old Inês’ village in southern Mozambique, her mother found it increasingly difficult to provide for all three of her daughters. Where once she’d dreamed of becoming a teacher, Inês found herself married off to an older man…
World Vision Mozambique When El Nino brought drought to … area of southern Mozambique. As crops failed and food became … An estimated 1.5 million people in Mozambique are suffering from the impacts of El

Coming full circle | Hope in a time of hunger in Malawi

Like many children in Malawi, Leonard and his family are feeling the effects of drought and hunger. At just 13-years-old, he’s missed school to help his family grow and cultivate the food they need to survive, despite harsh conditions. “I cannot leave my mother to do all this work alone,” he says. Since World Vision began delivering food aid in his area, he hasn’t missed a day of school...
in 2002 when Malawi had to import maize from Mozambique. While the government told us every day that